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Real Health is a lifestyle show featuring holistic health solutions in an easy to absorb and palatable manner. It explores how these solutions, when practiced correctly, lead to a physically, emotionally and mentally healthier body, mind and soul.

The series is hosted by Michael Porter, a wellness enthusiast, with a natural passion for holistic living. Michael transfers this passion and insights to viewers by chatting to inspirational guests from various holistic health disciplines about their journeys towards a healthier lifestyle. We also explore how these experts live out their life’s purpose by helping others understand how to actively be the custodian of their own overall wellbeing.

During the course of the series we don’t just explore how diet, exercise and lifestyle all contributes to a healthier mind, body and soul, but by delving a little deeper we go to the root of what happens on a biological, physiological and psychological level when healthy living is practiced holistically. We further offer viewers diverse approaches to health that suites different lifestyles, personalities and believes.  Each episode inspires, transforms and enlightens viewers on their personal journeys towards real health.

Episode 1

We discuss some of the causes of Sinusitis as well as the prevention strategies treatment solutions that can assist; we explore Electrical Muscle Stimulation and the benefits it has on health; we delve deeper into what is Real Healthy eating and how you can make that you are getting the right nutrition for your body’s needs.

Episode 2

We discuss stress and insomnia management in 2021. We look at the importance of diet when comes to fertility. We find out more about the Vitamin K connection in ARTERIAL STIFFNESS AND BONE LOSS as we share natural ways of keeping calcium in your bones and away from your arteries. We show you how to make a delicious breakfast smoothie that packs a punch. We look at some of the natural ways to ageing well.

Episode 3

We delve deeper into the possible negative impact that social distancing and isolation on mental health and wellbeing. We discuss the interplay that exists between gut health and hormonal balance. We find out more about the alternative modality of pranic healing. We look at the role Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids play in weight management and improving lipid profile.

Episode 4

We take closer look at the iron, nutritional anaemia, as well as an iron supplementation in the times of COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss the important nutrients for optimal brain health. We discuss the Mascne- the acne caused by wearing masks and what you can do to reduce the chances of getting it. We also have a delicious Hasselback chicken fillet and butternut tray bake recipe.

Episode 5

We find out more about the Dry Eye Syndrome and how can be treated. We explore the nature’s apothecary as we delve into the use of herbs in Africa. We look at some of the steps to  help you put a stop to Self-sabotage. We take a closer look at the future of chronic disease management- Genetic health. We also share a rustic and wholesome Baked Butterbean dip with Almond Crust recipe.

Episode 6

We discuss autoimmunity and how can be managed effectively. We find out more about the powers of the Japanese Shitake mushroom to boost immunity. We show you how to make a plant-based burger that’s full of nutritional goodness. We look at the coping strategies when dealing with anxiety and depression.

Episode 7

We investigate the mascne, the unpleasant affliction brought on by wearing mask and we’ll also share prevention and treatment solutions. We take a closer look at the use of African indigenous medicinal herbs for cleansing and detoxing. We discuss sleep deprivation as well as other sleeping disorders as we share natural solutions to dealing with insomnia. We show you a simple yet delicious Thai Chicken Curry with butternut recipe. We also give you tips to boosting immunity as the cold season approaches

Episode 8

We discuss the positive effects of a ketogenic diet on adults and children with epilepsy. We discuss the impact oxidative stress and free radicals have on health as well as some of the lifestyles habits and natural solutions that can help rust in the body. We’ll show you how to make gluten-free seeded health bread that’s packed with nutritional goodness. We discuss ways to overcome anger & hurt and to find strong self-esteem & confidence to carry on with your new life after a divorce. We chat to a health coach about the step to take when making life and health transformation.

Episode 9

We take a closer look at omega-3 fatty acids’ role in regulating and improving the functioning of an immune system. We take an in-depth look at Panic Disorders and how they can be treated. We show you a healthier take on a homemade ice-cream that will take you 5mins to prepare. We put the spotlight on estrogen detoxing- how to assist during hormonal fluctuations and hormone based ailments. We explore sleep hygiene and some of the necessary measures to take to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Episode 10

We discuss Vitamin c’s role in protecting skeletal muscle during the process of ageing. We explore sleep hygiene and some of the necessary measures to take to ensure a good night’s sleep. We discuss the reasons for bloating and some of the preventative & treatment solutions that can assist. We show you a delicious carrot cake muffin recipe. We look at the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for better health.

Episode 11

We look at the healing and health benefits of curcumin. We discuss the different ways to treat erectile dysfunction. We learn more about infantile colic as well as share advice of some of the natural solution that can assist in treating and managing it. We give you fun and healthy ideas to enhance breakfast oatmeal. We discuss the concept of treating using acute stress to treat chronic Stress.

Episode 12

We delve deeper into the use of hormone replacement to treat sexual dysfunction and how testosterone can also help improve higher function. We take a closer look at what the process of detoxification and how we can aid the body to get rid of the waste and toxins effectively. We discuss gut health and some of the natural solution to fixing a leaky gut. We share advice on fertility, conception and pregnancy for moms to be and those desiring to bear a child.

Episode 13

We look at how oestrogen is implicated in the development of pre-cancerous breast cells as well some of the natural solutions to shift your oestrogen profile for better breast health.

We put the spotlight on breast health as we look at how shifting one’s oestrogen profile could help reduce the risk the development of pre-cancerous BREAST cells.

We look at the treatment options for sexual dysfunction in females. We run through some of vital medical check for vegans and vegetarians – things that you should monitor with your doctor when you are on a restrictive diet. We discuss the impact an unhealthy lifestyle could be having of sleep quality. We look at some of the lesson we’ve learnt from the pandemic.

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