Real Health – Season 1

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” Thomas Edison

Real Health is a studio based chat show, hosted by Stacey Holland, featuring topics about holistic health solutions. It explores how these solutions, when practiced correctly, leads to a physically, emotionally and mentally healthier body, mind and soul.

During the course of the series we don’t just explore how diet, exercise and lifestyle all contributes to a healthier mind, body and soul, but by delving a little deeper we go to the root of what happens on a biological, physiological and psychological level when healthy living is practiced holistically. We further offer viewers diverse approaches to health that suites different lifestyles, personalities and believes, for instance conventional Western medical solutions, Eastern disciplines that’s been practiced for thousands of years, modern nutritional viewpoints, age old remedies, your-are-what-you-eat solutions, fitness regimes and much more.  Each episode aims to inspire, transform and enlighten.

Episode 15

On this episode of Real Health we are discussing Respiratory infections which are among the most common infectious diseases, particularly in children so with winter around the corner we look at respiratory and chest infections and how to keep these seasonal irritations at bay.

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Episode 14

On this episode of Real Health, We look at brain fog and the effects it can have on the health. We explore ways to de-clutter the brain, re- train the brain and unlock the mind. We also look at the role nutrition plays when it comes to our thinking and the foods that help stimulate the brain.

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Episode 13

In this episode of Real, we delve to the fascinating world of Diets. With so many different diets out there how do you know which one is right for you? Is there a one-size fits all approach? And how do you discern between a fad diet and adopting a new, healthy lifestyle?

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Episode 12

In this episode of Real Health; we explore Gut health and how it affects every part of our health, from our immune system to our emotions. We find out how we can restore our micro biome and we look at some of the gut-friendly foods we can incorporate into our daily diets.

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Episode 11

In this episode of Real Health, we talk about micronutrients, the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to to function optimally. We also explore deficiencies and how to best reverse these, naturally. And we ask our experts whether or not we should be spending a fortune on vitamins in order to be healthy.

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Episode 10

In this episode of Real Health, we look at Diabetes from a natural perspective, we discover how it can be managed and even prevented and we learn about necessary lifestyle changes that everyone can implement.

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Episode 9

On today’s show; we are talking sleep health; we look at the importance of a good night’s sleep as well as the effects of bad sleeping patterns. Our guests share solutions to combating bad sleep. And we also visit Dr Joanne Pautz to checkout a “sleep box”.

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Episode 8

We explore the allergies and sensitivities; we find out what causes allergies, how to go about treating them naturally as well as some of the preventative measures that can be taken. Discover how Chinese Medicine can help alleviate allergies as Dr Kelly Kong May explains

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Episode 7

Today’s show is all about heart health. We find out how to keep the heart healthy and well-looked after; we take a look at some of the super foods that are vital for optimal heart functioning. We also speak to a heart specialist who not only treat the heart holistically and shows us a unique invention that is geared towards a healthy heart.

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Episode 6

We explore the importance of continuous body movement and the benefits of exercise. Find out how to start getting fit in the comfort of our own home as a fitness professional takes us through some essential home workout equipment and basic movements.

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Episode 5

Home Remedies for Common for Ailments

Stacey Holland is joined by experts’ guests who will share their home remedies recipes for Common ailments for colds, flu, sore throat and many more. They also give tips to boost your immune system. We also find out how Pilates can be used as a remedy to treat common ailments.

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Episode 4

What is Natural beauty? Stacey Holland and her guests discuss their opinions on this age old question. They look at how society perceives beauty, the influence it has on the way we view ourselves and some of the natural products available. We also checkout holistic Spa treatments that can enhance our Natural Beauty

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  • Dr. Karien Henrico (PhD HPE)
    • Lecturer: Somatology
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Angela Hardy – Self-esteem coach & Kinesiologist at Cloud 9 Spa

Episode 3

This episode takes an in depth look at the power of positive thinking; the impact it has on our lives both emotionally and physically. Stacey and her guests explore the benefits of positive thoughts and how we harness this positive energy to improve our lives. Later on in the show – a yoga instructor and lifestyle coach shares her thoughts on Positive thinking.

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Kathleen Elder – Yoga Instructor & Health and Lifestyle Coach

Episode 2

Stacey Holland and her guests discuss age regeneration – the natural way. We feature age regeneration specialist, a nutritional therapist and a beauty therapist who shares useful tips for getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus we find out how Yoga and correct breathing techniques can keep us looking younger for longer.

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Episode 1

We are talking Detoxification to get rid of rid of harmful toxins in our bodies.

Stacey Holland and her panel of expert guests discuss signs that tell us our bodies are in need of a detox. We also chat to a Reiki Practitioner about how this therapy can help with detoxification. A nutritional therapist shares five food types that help cleanse our bodies and a health coach talks about her 21-day cleanse.

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