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“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” Thomas Edison

Real Health is a studio based chat show featuring topics about holistic health solutions. It explores how these solutions, when practiced correctly, leads to a physically, emotionally and mentally healthier body, mind and soul.

The series is presented by seasoned television personality and health and fitness guru, Stacey Holland. Stacey did not just grow up in a family where a naturopathic way of living was the order of the day, but she is also a wellness ambassador. Stacey has had her own holistic health journeys in recent years and she believes we are healthy from the inside out. Stacey’s vibrant, healthy, positive, energetic and compassionate nature makes her the perfect host to entice our viewers with her passion for a holistic lifestyle.

During the course of the series we don’t just explore how diet, exercise and lifestyle all contributes to a healthier mind, body and soul, but by delving a little deeper we go to the root of what happens on a biological, physiological and psychological level when healthy living is practiced holistically. We further offer viewers diverse approaches to health that suites different lifestyles, personalities and believes, for instance conventional Western medical solutions, Eastern disciplines that’s been practiced for thousands of years, modern nutritional viewpoints, age old remedies, your-are-what-you-eat solutions, fitness regimes and much more. Each episode aims to inspire, transform and enlighten.

Episode 13 – Holistic health approach to pregnancy and birth

This week’s episode of Real Health is especially for the expecting moms. We’ll chat about the nutrients that your body and your baby needs, different natural birthing options, the do’s and don’ts of exercising while pregnant and how to beat those pregnancy blues.

Guest details:

Episode 13 (Studio Guest details)

Episode 13 (Insert Guest details)

Episode 12 – Weightloss

It’s probably arguably one of, if not  the world’s most hottest health topics especially in the past twenty years – Weightloss. We look at why we struggle to lose weight, how we can go about losing weight safely and with lasting results. We also explore the effectiveness of diets and why an active lifestyle is beneficial to maintaining a healthy weight.

Guest details:

Episode 12 (Guest details)

  • Nicci Robertson –Nutritional Therapist & NLP Practitioner
  • Dr Kevin Lentin – Chiropractor specialising in Functional  Medicine
    • Constantia Chiropractic Clinic and Functional Nutrition & Weight Management Centre
    • 021 797 8056
  • Ian Craig: Nutritional Therapist & Exercise Physiologist
  • For the Gluten and Sugar free muffins recipe, please email:

Episode 11 – Chiropractic, Biokinetics and Physiotherapy

On this episode of Real Health we look the three physical modalities that many get confused by: the areas of Chiropractic, Biokinetics and Physiotherapy. We find what these disciplines entail and how these professionals work together in order to help you maintain good health.

Guest details:

Episode 11 (Guest details)

Episode 10 – Teenage Health

On this episode of Real Health– we focus on teenage health – we look at how both parent and teen can better communicate and understand  each other; we also discuss nutrition, weight issues, skin care and coping strategies for teens.

Guest details:

Episode 10 (Guest details)

Episode 9 – Work Life Balance

In this episode of Real Health – we explore the  concept of Work Life Balance which has now evolved to what has be termed Work Life Integration. We discuss the importance of getting this balanced integration to your holistic health.

Guest details:

Episode 9 (Guest details)

Episode 8 – Prolonging Aging

You can’t stop ageing altogether but you definitely can make the journey a little smoother and it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune.

On this episode of Real Health we explore what causes us to age, different ways of slowing down or prolonging the ageing process when it comes to our hilistic health.

Guest details:

Episode 8 (Guest details)

Episode  7 – Healing Herbs and Remedies

The use of herbal medicines and remedies has long been practiced by ancient cultures but with the reliance of modern medicine these treasures of nature are often forgotten. In this episode of Real Health, we explore nature’s very own pharmacy: The herbal apothecary.

Guest details:

Episode 7 (Guest details)

Episode  6 – Understanding  Autoimmunity

There’s been a rise of  Autoimmune diseases over the past few years but what exactly is an autoimmune condition and can it be cured? How can it be managed and even prevented? We tackle these questions and many more on this episode of Real Health

Guest details:

Episode 6 (Guest details)

Episode 5 – Neuroplasticity

In this episode of Real Health we explore the fanscinating concept of NEUROPLASTICITY, the ability of the brain to change , re-adapt and reprogrammed. We find out how it can it be applied to benefit our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Guest details:

Episode 5 (Guest details)

Episode 4 – Living Orgainc / Green Health

On this  episode of Real Health: We discuss what it means to living an organic lifestyle and also the benefit it has on our overall health. Our guests in studio share their stories on how they’ve gone about living organic and and going green and they also share small steps that on e can take in mmaking a transition to living  a healthier organic lifestyle

Guest details:

Episode 4 (Guest details)

Episode 3 – Skincare

This episode of  Real Health is all about skincare. We discuss factors that affect the health the skin;  we find out how to treat certain conditions such dry skin and acne. Our expert guests also share their insights on caring for the skin.

Guest details:

Episode 3 (Guest details)

Episode 2 – Leaky Gut

On this episode of Real Health we look at what causes a leaky gut, the symptoms to look out for and  how to  go about healing a leaky gut. Our panel of experts share their opinion measures that can be taken to ensure good gut  health.

Guest details:

Episode 2 (Guest details)

Episode 1 – Food Label Health

Today’s episode focuses’ on making wise and informed food choices when out shopping, understanding the food labels and the ingredients they contain. We also discuss the benefits of eating a balanced diet that provides good nutrition and changing our mindsets.

Guest details:

Episode 1 (Guest details)

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