Navigating The Stress Storm

Learn how to find your zen every day with Mariama Barry Malumo’s wisdom on beating stress. From battling overthinking to embracing quiet moments and mindful living, learn practical tips for mental well-being. Navigate the stress storm and regain control with this down-to-earth guide to staying cool amidst the chaos of life.

Understanding why we overthink and
how to cultivate a zen state of mind

Overthinking – it comes in two forms: rumination and worry. Rumination is when you keep thinking about past experiences; what you did, what you could have done and what went wrong. It often leads to negative feelings and self-doubt. On the other hand, worry is stressing over things that are out of our control and may or may not even happen in the future. If you spend too much time in these mental loops, chances are that you’re going to experience some kind of mental fatigue, which may contribute to burnout. You need to gain control of your thoughts and break these negative patterns. There are many different mindfulness practices that can help – from meditation to visualisation exercises and breathing techniques.

Chronic pain can be a sign of stress and fatigue. It’s like your nervous and hormonal systems are running on empty, and your body is saying, “Hey, I need a break!”. We’ve all thought that a vacation would fix everything, right? But here’s the catch; sometimes you need a break from your break. Why? Because our holidays are like those quick naps that leave us more tired than before. Instead of waiting for the opportunity to escape life and go off on a holiday, start adding little moments of rest into your daily routine, like a mini-vacation from stress. 

Now, figuring out what’s actually stressing you out requires self-awareness, which we’re often lacking because we’re too busy trying to get things done! Listen to yourself – those moments when you say, “I can’t take this” or “I can’t handle this,” could your body waving a red flag. It you’re not able to find a solution on your own, it may be time to chat with a therapist or a life coach. The professionals have seen it all before, and they have a variety of techniques that will help you to understand and unpack the reasons why you may not be coping with your stress. It’s often more than the actual stressor, and can even be past experiences in your life which are preventing you from processing your current stress. A therapist will work with you towards solving these challenges. Journalling is also a wonderful personal therapy. Just getting your thoughts onto paper is very helpful way to process them.

Managing stress is about making positive life choices. Apart from mindfulness and taking action to process your stress and challenges, one of the best ways to tackle stress is to get moving. A few stretches, heading out for a brisk walk, getting out into nature – these are simple activities that can have a profound effect on your body and your mind. You don’t have to become a world-class athlete, but consistency is key. Build some sort of daily activity into your routine and you’ll see a notable change. Also, don’t underestimate the power of what you eat. Aim for fresh, whole foods as far as possible, eat regularly and throw in some adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha, and you’ll be giving your body the TLC it needs.

So, in a nutshell, beating stress is like putting a puzzle together. Add in some daily self-care, mix in healthy habits, and don’t shy away from getting a little help when you need it. It’s the recipe for keeping your cool in this crazy world.