Ideas to Spruce Up Your Garden

Discover forgotten corners, diversify with various grasses, and choose resilient plant companions. With straightforward steps, you can transform your green space into a revitalised garden – a personal oasis with a brand-new look!  

The art of garden
transformation simplified

Many of us have great gardening ambitions, but sometimes it’s all just a little overwhelming. If you have an existing garden, there’s the question of what to keep, and what to take out. When you start to add new plants, there’s so much to choose from, and sometimes you just want a bit of everything. So how do you make good gardening decisions to create an outdoor space that you can be proud of? Read on!

Seek inspiration from other gardeners
Reasearch is not just for academics. When it comes to gardening, take a look at what others are doing. Gardening TV shows, magazines, books, and these days, Instagram, are full of interesting ideas. Look for what catches your eye. If you like the idea of something, consider how you might re-create something similar.

Turn hidden corners into bold features
So often there are spots in the garden that just don’t get enough attention. This is where you can really get creative. Turn a dead space into a grassy haven. Add character and texture with a selection of grass varieties like Pennisetum Rubrum and Goonie grass. This grass will add layers to your garden with movement and colour.

Old-fashioned elegance with flowers  
Introduce flowering perennials into your garden. The charming red Canna is a beautiful contrast to grasses and will reward you with bold blooms year after year. With its old-fashioned allure, it adds a touch of elegance. Choose companions like status and the indigenous bulbine to complement this beauty. These are also water-wise plants that will thrive through the seasons.

Stairway to heaven
Turn a garden slope into a feature by creating a staircase. It doesn’t have to go anywhere in particular. Why not create a quiet spot for contemplation. If you have a view, even better! Use varied planting along the sides of your stairs with soft textures and shades of green. Add in some low, flowering plants for that meadow feel and watch the space evolve overe time.

These are just a few ideas which hopefully get your creative juices flowing. Don’t stop here. Keep an eye out for your local garden club’s annual Open Garden show. These events are a great way to see what plants thrive in your area, and also a place where you can ask for advice from other gardeners.