5 Tips for Achieving a Luxurious Hamptons-Inspired Design Style 

By creating an inviting entrance, and balancing beauty with function through subtle accents, you can embrace the timeless charm of coastal living for a luxurious retreat in your won home. Ada Strydom tells us how.

Creating a South African Hamptons-inspired home is all about blending elegance with comfort. Consider these simple tips to help you achieve this luxurious style: 

Make a Grand Entrance
Set the tone right from the start with an inviting entrance. Mirrors and strategic lighting can work wonders to create a sense of luxury and spaciousness. And don’t forget about practicality—a stylish console table can do wonders for both aesthetics and functionality. 

Go for Calming Blues and Soft Whites
Think of the soothing colours of the ocean and sand when choosing your palette. Light blues and soft whites bring a sense of tranquillity and openness, perfect for capturing that Hampton’s aesthetic. 

Bring in Nature’s Touch
Embrace the natural beauty of South Africa by incorporating earthy tones and subtle patterns. Think weathered woods, natural fibres, and gentle prints to infuse warmth and character into your space. 

Keep it Open and Airy
Design your living spaces with an open-plan layout to encourage relaxation and togetherness. Low-cut lounge furniture and smart storage solutions maintain those sweeping views while keeping things practical for everyday life. 

Balance Beauty with Function
It’s all about finding that sweet spot between style and substance. Incorporate subtle accents like tiebacks and wallpapers to add depth and sophistication. And when it comes to lighting and practical features, choose pieces that complement your overall aesthetic while serving a purpose. 

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a luxurious South African Hamptons retreat. So kick back, relax, and let your home reflect the timeless charm and comfort of coastal living.