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All About Property is The Home Channel’s newest magazine show. Each week we chat to property stakeholders like real estate agents, conveyancing attorneys, developers, bond originators, innovators and disruptors to help us understand the ins and outs of the South African residential property market and how we can benefit from it.

Whether you are buying a home for under a million rand or over thirty million, or if you are a first time home buyer, wanting to upgrade, downscale, or whether you are a real estate investor, we’ve got you covered.  All About Property is advice-driven, informative, empowering and entertaining, and guarantees that you will view the real estate market in a whole new light.

Viewers can expect to get the best info on different types of residential offerings.  We provide advice for buying and selling, offer home-buying financial solutions, we look into the legal side of property transactions, and for those starting out or hoping to grow your property investment portfolio, we explore all the options on your behalf. We’ll also examine how technological innovations are disrupting the property market.

So no matter who you are or what your reason is, at some point you may want to buy or sell a home. And when that day comes, we want to be sure that you are ready for the single biggest transaction of your life.


27 Aug – 02 Sept: Episode 13 – Season finale

In this season finale of All About Property…

We recently received an e-mail from a viewer who bought a property off-plan, and now the development has been delayed by almost a year, leaving her with no place to stay. She wanted to know what her rights were regarding this agreement. We decided to consult a property lawyer about her case.

It takes lots of effort, time and money to build a sizable property investment portfolio. However, one wrong business decision or a sudden change in the market can result in you losing everything. We found out how to protect your property wealth and assets by putting the right structures in place.

Most of us dream about that idyllic coastal retirement. Well just to keep that dream alive we took a trip to Ballito to find out what retirement options are on offer on the North Coast and how to plan for it.

Guest Details for Episode 13

Tim Boshoff – Property Lawyer

Meyer de Waal – Transferring Attorneys


Tim – Johnson – Real Estate Professional


20 – 26 Aug: Episode 12 – Overcapitalisation; Joint Home Loans; Home Inspections

Many sellers think they add value to their homes by doing renovations before they put the property on the market, while in actual fact they are overcapitalizing. We explore the find line between adding value and overcapitalization.

Everybody gets to the point where they aspire to owning a home of their own, but unfortunately circumstances do not always allow people to afford paying a bond. This is where a joint home loan with your spouse, a friend or a family member is very beneficial. In this episode we bring you everything you need to know before applying for a joint home loan.

We’ve all heard, or might even have experienced those horror stories, where you buy what you thought was your dream home, but only after you move in discover a long list of very costly defects. We find out more about the importance of having a professional home inspection done before you buy.

Guest Details for Episode 12

Bea Graham – Property Consultant

Natasha Champion – Bond Originator

Eric Bell – Home Inspector






13 – 19 Aug: Episode 11 – Airbnb; The Deposit; house hunting

Airbnb, is an online platform where you can earn extra income by making a room in your home available to anyone from anywhere in the world. This week we find out how it all works and why this form of property investment can be so lucrative.

Having a deposit when you’re purchasing a home could literally save you thousands in interest over the bond period. This week we unpack all the benefits of a deposit during the home buying process.

And, we share a checklist for first time home buyers before they go house hunting.

Guest Details for Episode 11

Silvana Dos Reis Marques – Real Estate

Meyer de Waal – MDW Attorneys

Tania Fourie – Real Estate


05 – 12 Aug: Episode 10 – Choosing the right agent; the OTP; and Property Auctions

When you are ready to sell your home, one of the biggest factors that will contribute to a successful sale is choosing the right real estate agent to market your home. We look at what to consider when appointing your real estate agent.

An offer to purchase document can be a very daunting document. We asked a conveyancing attorney to break it down for us.

Many people think that buying and selling homes at auctions is only for distressed properties, but there are actually many benefits for both buyers and sellers. We explore what this is all about.

Guest Details for Episode 10

Terence Hogben – Real Estate Professional

Charlene Joubert – Conveyancing Attorney

Bongane Morudu – Property Auction Specialist


30 July – 05 Aug: Episode 9 – Retirement Schemes, Attorney Realtors, City of Joburg housing plans

Not all retirement housing schemes are the same, and when you are ready to start looking into retirement housing options, it is important to know what is out there.

Selling a home through an attorney could save you thousands in agents’ commission. We explore this option of selling your home.

And the City of Johannesburg shares their high density housing and infrastructure plans to make the city more accessible and affordable for all Johannesburgers.

Guest Details for Episode 9

Charl van Niekerk


Giles Buswell – Attorney Realtor Hub


Monyake Moteane – City of Joburg


23 – 29 July: Episode 8 – The New Sectional Title Act, Cost when buying and selling a home, Property Investment tips

There have been some recent amendments to the sectional title act that governs how a sectional title scheme is run. It aims to give the owners in the sectional title scheme a voice, As well as improve how the scheme is run. We find out what those amendments are and how you as the home owner can benefit from it.

We also look at what the legal costs are when we buy or sell a home and how we can minimize those costs.

And a property investor shares tips on how to get started as a property investor.

Guest Details for Episode 8

Michelle Cohen – Real Estate Professional


Johan Du Plooy – Du Plooy Inc.


TT Mbha


16 – 22 July: Episode 7 – Established vs new; Home Transfer Process; Tax Benefits for Landlords

Before house hunting the first thing you need to do is align your budget with your lifestyle requirements. One way of doing this is to look at what your money can buy you in an older established area versus a newly built home in a new development. In this episode we compare two such homes.

It takes approximately two to three months for a home to transfer from the seller to the buyer’s name. We take a look at exactly what that home transfer process is all about.

And… we bring look at the many tax benefits that buy-to-let investors can draw from their rental income.

Guest Details for Episode 7

Jan van der Merwe – RealNet Centurion Core Properties



Meyer de Waal – MDW Attorneys


Wimpie Vogel

  • 071 871 6546



09 – 15 July: Episode 6 – Evictions, Going Green, FLISP

This week on All About Property…

Having to evict a non-paying tenant is unpleasant and very costly, but as a landlord, you don’t need to deal with any it and it doesn’t need to cost you a cent. We find out how to do this.

If your household income is more than R3500 but les than R15 000 you could qualify for a housing subsidy from the government of between R20 000 and R80 000. We bring you the ins and outs on this subsidy.

And, Going green in and around the house won’t just save the planet; it will also save you thousands in utility bills each year. Find out what you can do today to go green and save.

Guest Details for Episode 6

Tracey Stephenson – Managing Agent


Verna Pugin – FLISP Specialist

Grahame Cruickshanks – Green Building Council SA



02 – 08 July: Episode 5 – Affordable housing, Checklist for sellers, Penthouse living

This week on All About Property… If your total household income is around R20 000 per month, your home buying options are not as limited as you may have thought. We shed some light on affordable housing schemes on offer.

We also find out what legal documentation you need in place before you can sell your home.

And, have you ever wondered how some of Johannesburg’s wealthiest people live? We bring you an exclusive on penthouse living in Sandton and why this form of living is so sought after.

Guest Details for Episode 5

Mbuso Mhlanga – Affordable Housing

Meyer de Waal – MDW Attorneys


Gijs Foden – Legacy Group




Episode 4 – Sectional title living, home selling tips, & VR home tours

This week on All About Property… The lock-up-and-go lifestyle of a sectional title townhouse or apartment is very appealing to a lot of home buyers. But not many people know what they buying into when they purchase a home in a sectional title scheme. We shed some light on this form of accommodation.

Also in this episode…Is your home sitting on the market for months without a single offer? We find out how to turn FOR SALE into SOLD by just making a few small changes to the home.

We also look at how virtual reality home tours are changing the way we buy and sell our homes.

Guest Details for Episode 4

Johan van Schalkwyk

Kate Emmerson

Wimpie Ferreira


Episode 3 – Bond Approval

This week on All About Property… You may be in a financial position to afford a home, but a poor credit score can prevent you from being approved for that bond. We explore what you can do to improve a poor credit score that will ensure you get approved for that home loan.

Also in this week’s episode…According to the experts, you don’t need money to make money. Find out how to invest in property without using a cent of your own money, and make money from day one.

And, being a landlord can be financially rewarding, provided you know the basics of renting out a property. In this week’s episode we give advice on rentals for new landlords.

Guest Details for Episode 3

Harry van der Linde – Leapfrog 

Meyer de Waal – MDW Attorneys

Koketso Sylvia Milosevic


Episode 2 – Property Hotspots, Home Application, & Smart Homes

In this episode:

They say the best time to buy a home was ten years ago and the second best time is right now. This is most certainly the case in Midrand, in Gauteng. Here house prices are very affordable which makes it very easy for first time home buyer and investors to get into the property market. We also find out how you can identify similar trends in other parts of the country.

And: Going directly to your own bank for a home loan is not necessarily the best move. A bond originator explains why, and she shares tips that will guarantee you a successful home loan application.

Also in this episode: First there were smart phones, smart TVs, and now smart homes. We find out how you can draw the curtains, switch on the lights, play your favourite song and activate the alarm system, all at once, without the touch of a button.

Guest Details for Episode 2

Skoko Sebola

Real Estate Practitioner – Leapfrog Properties

Chantelle Wallace

Bond Originator – My Bond Fitness

Warren Husband

Home Automation Specialist – Control4


Episode 1 – Estate Living, Buy2Rent & Urban Apartments 

In this premiere episode:

Estate living is becoming more and more popular in South Africa. We thought it would be good to know what you’re buying into and what your options are.

We explore Rent2Buy. If you’re not in a position to get a bond for whatever reason, you can potentially rent your dream home for two years while you’re get your financial ducks in a row, and buy the home after two years at the same price you would have paid for it two years ago.

The inception of the Maboneng Precinct in downtown Johannesburg has had a lot to do with restoring the sentiment of locals in the inner city. We explore the revival of inner city apartments and why they are so popular.

Guest Details for Episode 1

Steven van Rooyen

Real Estate Practitioner – Leapfrog Properties


Meyer de Waal

Conveyancing Attorney – MDW Attorneys


Camilla Rosanna