All About Property S7

Are you interested in buying, selling or investing in property? Or are you a homeowner or tenant wanting to know your rights? In All About Property (season 7), we meet the real-estate experts who will bring you all the advice, insights and property offerings.

Episode 1

Many companies around the world are making it mandatory for their staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19. In South Africa, some companies have also announced mandatory vaccinations for their staff. Does this mean trustees and directors in community schemes can follow the same route with residents and their visitors? We chat to an attorney and sectional-title scheme expert to shed some light.

We also visit a R150-million property listing in Sandhurst, Sandton. This mansion was inspired by a Los Angeles chateau, which belonged to Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling and was sold in 2019 for just short of $120-million.

It’s a brand-new year and time to set new goals. And if property investing is one of your goals for the new year, you’re in good company because in this episode we’ll be looking at how to start investing in property and be successful at it.

Guest details for episode 1

Marina Constas – BBM Law
• 011 622 3622

Rory O’Hagan – Chas Everitt
• 083 328 8888

Dunisani Manganyi – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 2

In August 2021, FNB introduced a new product allowing up to 12 people to apply for a joint home loan. We get an independent view on this offering and find out how you can combine this offering with a FLISP subsidy, as well as what to consider before applying for such a home loan.

Imagine living in a six-star boutique hotel with its very own casino. Well, it is possible. We visit a property listing in the luxury Eye of Africa lifestyle estate, south of Johannesburg. Included in this sale are all the bespoke furniture designed for the property, as well as a 1962 Rolls-Royce.

A big barrier to entry for many aspiring property investors is the upfront cash required to get into the game. We speak to a seasoned property investor about the different property investment strategies that do not require upfront capital. Some of these strategies do not even require affordability with the bank.

Guest details for episode 2

Meyer de Waal – MDW Inc
• 021 461 0065

Anita Frasco – Remax
• 083 327 0623

Milan Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 3

Evicting a defaulting tenant, may not only be a very lengthy process, but it can also cost up to tens of thousands of rands in legal fees. But there are ways to mitigate and bypass these legal costs. We speak to an attorney and eviction specialist about the options available to landlords.

If you are looking for a spacious family home, in a suburb that is not only safe, but also relatively affordable, you might want to add Fairland, one of Johannesburg’s most established suburbs, to your list of considerations. We visited one of the property listings in this suburb.

Many new property investors become very fearful when they have to make an offer on a property, because they are not always sure whether they are making the right decision. Well, we unpack three key boxes to tick, before you make an offer on your next property investment purchase. They include, running a feasibility study, doing due diligence, and having an exit strategy.

Guest details for episode 3

Elize Le Roux – Xpello
• 011 568 4476

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country
• 082 322 0079

Sylvia Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 4

Very often we’ll start a DIY job at home, only to realise that it takes longer to complete, it costs more, and it adds no value to the resell price of the property. In this episode we debunk some of the most common DIY myths.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the right address. That’s right, we visited Edenburg Terrace, a new residential development in Sandton, where you are almost certain of getting more house for your rand.

Before a property investor even goes out to look for deals, there is a great amount of desktop research that he needs to do. This will steer him in the right direction to finding those property deals. We unpack everything successful property investors need to know about desktop research.

Guest details for episode 4

Graeme Steen –

Steven Reed – Limestone Properties
• 079 631 0574

Dunisani Manganyi – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 5

When it comes to the law, a dispute involving the boundary line between two neighbours, is definitely no straight line. We speak to a legal expert to provide clarity on these types of disputes.  

If you are looking for a home with an ultra-modern contemporary design, surrounded by fauna and flora, then this week’s property listing in the Meyersdal Eco Estate, will be right up your alley.   

Every property investment strategy has a very specific set of guidelines that will improve its changes of being successful. This week we explore the type of area or suburb that is ideal for a successful capital flip.

Guest details for episode 5

Chantelle Gladwin-Wood – Schindlers Attorneys
• 011 448 9678

Gareth Soma – Allegiance Soma
• 072 363 7200

Milan Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 6

If you own a property in a sectional title complex with outstanding levies and electricity charges, the body corporate can legally cut off your electricity, or even go as far as selling your property, to recover its outstanding fees. A sectional title scheme expert and attorney sheds light on the matter.

If you live in the coastal areas of South Africa, you are probably used to having views from your home, but in Johannesburg, a view is a rare occurrence. Well, the property listing in this episode is situated in Linksfield Ridge, in Johannesburg, and has panoramic views, stretching as far as Pretoria.

As a property investor, every cent spent, affects your bottom line. One area where many property investors lose a lot of money is when they do refurbishments to the property. Well today, we find out what due diligence is required, before you appoint a building contractor.

Guest details for episode 6

Marina Constas – BBM Law
• 011 622 3622

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country
• 082 322 0079

Dunisani Manganyi – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 7

When you are about sell your home, and there is still a bond on that property, the bank will charge you a bond cancellation fee. And for many sellers, this comes as an unpleasant surprise. We’ve invited a transferring attorney to break it down for us.

We also visit a property listing in Featherbrooke Estate, West of Johannesburg. This property is on the market for seventeen million, eight hundred and fifty thousand rand, and the listing agent is Paul Smulders from Dynasty Property Group.

Airbnb is a property investment strategy that can earn you great rental income, provided you master the basics. We speak to the experts about how to run a successful Airbnb business.

Guest details for episode 7

Charlene Goliath – Goliath Attorneys
• 083 463 6750

Paul Smulders – Dynasty Property Group
• 076 758 0586

Nkateko Mlambo – Riches and Beyond
• 082 306 4430

Episode 8

We receive many e-mails from viewers wanting to know what their rights are when it comes to poor workmanship on their newly built homes, or their off-plan purchases from developers. In this episode we are shedding light on a warrantee that the NHBRC offers housing consumers on their newly built homes, provided their contractor or developer is registered with the NHBRC.

This week’s property listing is a family home in the affluent suburb of Waterkloof in Pretoria. This home is on the market for nine million, five hundred thousand rand, and it is listed by Fine & Country.

Property investment is one of the best ways how you can create wealth for you and your family, but not everyone gets it right. In this episode we set the record straight on some of the top reasons why people fail in property investing.

Guest details for episode 8

Edwin Limba – NHBRC

Linda Erasmus – Fine & Country
• 082 322 0079

Milan Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 9

There is a general perception that only distressed properties are being sold at the auction, and that the seller does not have a say in the matter. However, there are actually many advantages to selling your property at the auction. In this episode we shed light on this matter.

This week’s property listing is in the sought-after, Eagle Canyon Golf Estate. The property overlooks the golf course, and you can appreciate the sunset from your patio. It is on the market for fourteen million, nine hundred thousand rand, and the listing agent is Linda Nunes from Pam Golding.

If you want to close a property investment deal successfully, you need as much information about that property as you can lay your hands on. One way of achieving this objective is by being very strategic in the questions that you ask the real estate agent during the viewing. We unpack these strategic questions.

Guest details for episode 9

Ronnie Botes – Dynamic Auctioneers
• 086 155 2288

Linda Nunes – Pam Golding
• 083 949 8662

Sylvia Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 10

Many property buyers are not 100% sure where and how to pay the deposits on their new homes. But following the new property practitioners act that came into effect earlier this year, home buyers now have more options when it comes to paying over deposits, and they can earn an interest on that deposit before it is paid over to the seller. We unpack these options.

This week’s property listing is in the sought-after suburb of Irene, in Pretoria. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom, property is on the market for five million, nine hundred and ninety thousand rand, and the listing agent is Liza Smit, from Leapfrog Property Group.

The experts always say how easy it is to find property investment deals, but when you and I go out, we find that it is not actually that easy. But here is the thing… it all has to do with having the right mindset. And apparently once that is in place, the rest comes easy. A property investment expert shares tips for having the right mindset when you go out hunting for investment properties.

Guest details for episode 10

Jackie Smith – Buyer’s Trust

Liza Smit – Leapfrog Property Group
• 082 990 6468

Dunisani Manganyi – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 11

Very often, after a property has registered in a new owner’s name, disputes will arise between the buyer and seller about defects that may have been overlooked. Is the seller responsible for those defects, was the onus on the buyer, and is the seller protected by the Voetstoots clause. These are just some of the questions that we are answering in this episode.

This week’s property listing is in Dainfern Valley Estate. This property is on the market for six million, eight hundred, and ninety-five, thousand rand, and it is listed by Gaye Cawood from Gaye Cawood Realty.

Many people start their property investment journey, but once they’ve reached their affordability with the bank, they don’t know how to move forward in growing that portfolio. In this episode, we find out how to start a property investment portfolio the right way, and how to overcome obstacles that prevents you from growing your portfolio into a multi-million-rand empire.

Guest details for episode 11

Marius van Rensburg – Schindlers Attorneys
• 011 448 9691

Gay Cawood – Gay Cawood Realty
• 083 601 1593

Milan Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 12

Guest details for episode 12

Trying to save for the upfront costs that are required to buy a home can be very discouraging, because just as you’ve reached your required amount, that same property now costs more, and you need to carry on saving. In this episode we are looking at home loan offerings from the four major banks in South Africa where all the upfront costs are included, which means if you qualify, you can literally apply for a home loan tomorrow without any upfront fees required.

Today’s property listing is in the sought-after suburb of Bryanston, north of Johannesburg. This property has been listed for just under eighteen million rand, and according to listing agent, Madri Sassenberg from Harcourts, this is great value for money.

Being successful in property investing is not just a science, and calculated decisions, but there are also general rules that apply, that no matter how long you’ve been investing in property, you never break these rules and expect to be successful. In this episode we explore what those are.

Natasha Champion – Ooba Home Loans
• 011 557 4000

Madri Sassenberg – Harcourts
• 082 339 6712

Sylvia Milosevic – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402

Episode 13

The breach clause in a contract is always accompanied by wording such as “if the purchaser is in breach, the seller can keep the deposit, or the real estate agent’s commission can be paid from the deposit”. But it is not so straight forward, and no one can just take the purchaser’s deposit out of a trust account without proper legal procedures. In this episode we shed light on this often-misunderstood clause.

The number one rule in property investing is that you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. It simply means that you only purchase properties below market value, otherwise it is not an investment. In this episode we find how to make such below market property investment purchases.

Guest details for episode 13

Charlene Goliath – Goliath Attorneys
• 083 463 6750

Dunisani Manganyi – Riches and Beyond Inner Circle
• 010 109 3402