Mint-Infused Fiesta in Samosa Pockets

Tanya Visser takes us through the various mint varietals and how you can grow them in your garden. Then, embark on a culinary escapade with mint-infused samosas! These tasty pockets are absolutely delicious and an interesting alternative to an old favourite. Store-bought samosa sheets are a no-fuss option for a crispy fry every time making this recipe easy enough for anyone to try. Top them off with a sweet and spicy pineapple-chili dip.

The joys of mint – easy to grow and a
delicious addition to so many dishes!

Mint, in all its variations, is more than just a common garden herb – it’s a culinary powerhouse. Explore various mint varietals, their unique characteristics, and try your hand at a mouthwatering samosa recipe that brings out the best of this marvelous herb. 

Exploring Mint Varieties
From ordinary garden mint to the refreshing peppermint, each variety has its own charm. However, a word of caution; mint’s enthusiasm in the garden knows no bounds, so it’s best to keep it contained in pots to avoid a garden takeover.  The different varieties of mint serve many purposes. Lemon balm, known for its calming properties, finds its way into teas and skincare remedies. Spearmint, perfect for drinks and oils, works wonders for itchy mosquito bites and skin rashes.  Pepper mint is the most common garden variety which most of us are familiar with and makes for a delicious mint sauce over your roast lamb! The possibilities are endless. 

For something a little different, why not try this recipe for mint samosas, a fresh take on a traditional favourite.


400g beef mince (or lamb/chicken)
Olive oil 
Handful each of mint leaves and coriander (stems included)
1 tsp garlic 
1 tsp ginger 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Chopped chili 
Store-bought samosa pastry 
Corn flour and water mixture (for sealing) 
Cooking oil 
Mint leaves or coriander for garnish  

For the dipping sauce
Half a pineapple, chopped
1 chili

Blend fresh mint, coriander, garlic, ginger, and a touch of chili for a flavor-packed mixture and combine with the mince. 
Season to taste with chopped chili, salt and pepper. 
Simplify the process with store-bought samosa sheets. Place a small amount of the mince mixture onto the end of the sheets.
Fold into a triangle and seal with a paste of corn flour and water.

Fry them in batches until crispy and golden. 
Blend the pineapple and chilli for a quick and delicious spicy dipping sauce.