Tips for a Sophisticated African-Inspired Space 

Add character to your contemporary home by infusing it with a luxurious African design that deviates from the western style. We explore how to achieve this by embracing local craftsmanship, opting for muted tones, letting art lead the atmosphere, and incorporating neutrals with flair. By following these suggestions, homeowners can create an authentic African oasis that celebrates local talent and blends unique elements with contemporary style. 

Bring a touch of African luxury
into your home

Contemporary design often represents a Western style in modern homes. This can easily cause your space to have a similar atmosphere to many others. Donald Nxumalo, however, aims to show us how we can achieve a luxurious African design and we’ve managed to find five practical tips that can make this happen:  

Embrace Local Craft
Elevate your space with local craftsmanship, like crocheted cushions crafted by skilled artisans. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s also supporting local talent. 

Prioritize Time and Detail
True luxury is about investing time and effort. Take it easy, curate fabrics, brainstorm designs, and carefully assemble everything. Attention to detail is the key to luxury. 

Opt for Muted Tones
While African design often embraces vibrant colours, explore a calmer palette. Layer smooth fabrics, chunky knits, and textured elements for a captivating yet soothing environment. 

Art Takes the Lead
Select a standout artwork and let it dictate the atmosphere. Pull colours, textures, and mood from it to set the overall tone. 

Neutrals with a Touch of Flair
Play with neutral tones like beige and greige, then add pops of colour. Consider embroidered details on cushions or distinctive lighting, such as Mema Designs’ leaf-inspired wall sconces – bringing a touch of nature indoors.  

By applying these ideas, you can create a luxurious African oasis that celebrates local craft, incorporates unique elements, and blends neutrals with an authentic splash.