6 Tips to Achieve Your Ideal Bedroom Design Style 

Transforming your bedroom into the perfect space for you involves defining your preferred design style. You’ll also want to curate the various elements such as lighting, colour palettes, textures and layout. With these design tips, you’ll be able to create a sanctuary that reflects your style and brings calm and relaxation. 

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Interior Designer, Peter Lekganyane

Define Your Preferred Design Style 
Consider modern contemporary, Scandinavian, or classic styles for your bedroom. Each offers a distinct ambience and aesthetic to suit your taste and lifestyle, while at the same time allowing for a calm and peaceful mood. 

Modern Contemporary: Blend modern furniture with contemporary design elements for a creative and versatile space. 
Scandinavian: Opt for calm, neutral tones and minimalist furniture to create a fresh and airy ambience. 
Classic: Embrace traditional design principles, symmetry, and subdued colors for a timeless and elegant look.

Focus on Layout and Furniture Placement
Strategically position your furniture to maximize space and functionality. Balance and symmetry are essential, especially in shared master bedrooms. 

Prioritise Natural Lighting and Views
Optimize natural light and capture scenic views to enhance your bedroom’s atmosphere. Position your bed to enjoy tranquil vistas or cozy reading spots beside windows. 

Choose a Soothing Color Palette
Select calming hues like grays, whites, and neutrals to set a serene tone. These colors promote relaxation and create a welcoming ambiance in your bedroom.

Grays: Versatile and warming, various shades of gray can complement your modern contemporary style. 
Whites: Create an open and airy feel with crisp white walls, making the space welcoming and peaceful. 
Neutral Tones: Incorporate soft neutrals to add warmth and sophistication to your bedroom decor. 

Introduce Accent Colors and Textures 
Add personality and depth with accent colors like orange or green. Experiment with textured fabrics and decorative elements to create visual interest. These elements can also be changed up seasonally to keep your bedroom on trend.

Create Focal Points Beyond the Bed
Highlight walls with artwork, a TV unit, or a fireplace to elevate the room’s design by creating features.  Balance the space with carefully curated accessories for a cohesive look. 

By following these tips, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that reflects your style and personality while creating a comfortable haven.