A Fun Guide to Indoor Hanging Baskets

Transform your home into a lush haven with our guide to creating an indoor hanging basket. From choosing the perfect basket to planting the ultimate indoor plant selection, we’ve got you covered. Unleash your inner plant parent, add vibrancy to your home, and let the green vibes take over – your botanical adventure awaits!

Add a touch of greenery to your interior
to add life to the space 

What You’ll Need: 
A basket of your choice
Secateurs or a hole-making tool
Anthurium, bromeliad, ferns, and kalanchoe plants – the cool kids of the plant world
Potting soil
Organic pellets
Humic granules
Coconut or palm peat
Sphagnum moss 

Step 1: Basket Basics 
Start with preparing your pot or basket – set it in a plastic or terracotta pot to stabilise. 
If needed, line the basket with a plastic liner.  

Step 2: The soil mix and planting
Mix potting soil, organic pellets, humic granules, and coconut or palm peat – it’s like making the perfect cake batter for the best result. 
Fill your basket about a quarter of the way with this nutrient-packed soil mix.  
Drop in the anthurium as the star, then add the bromeliad, ferns, and kalanchoe for the perfect balance. 
Ease their roots into the soil mix, to set them up for great growing conditions. 

Step 3: Finishing Touches 
Sprinkle some sphagnum moss wherever there’s room – this will aid with water retention and gives a neat finish.