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Episode 1 – Jacques and Amanda

Jacques and Amanda are looking to take the leap of buying their first property which will hopefully give them more space along with some peace and quiet. After 9 years of compact apartment living this couple is ready to move into a home where they can start a family.

  • Bea Graham
  • Fine & Country
  • 083 235 6906

Episode 2 – Lucy and Lehlohonolo

Lucy and Lehlonolo have a little six year old daughter and are currently staying in a townhouse in the township they both grew up in. The couple would like to move into a quieter suburb with more space for their daughter to play as she grows up. They’re also at that crucial stage where they are deciding on where to send her to school. The family is currently renting but both Lucy and Lehlonolo have decent, stable jobs and have saved enough money for a deposit, so they can now afford to upgrade and move into their dream home in the suburbs.

  • Keith Van Vollenhoven
  • Firzt
  • 083 267 8475

Episode 3 – Shirley and Hans

For the past twelve years Shirley and Hans have been living in a spacious four bedroom home. Their two sons have now left the home and the couple are looking to downscale to a lock up and go home without compromising on their lifestyle.

  • Wendy Walker
  • Rawson
  • 082 550 3583

Episode 4 – Ricci-Lee and Robert

Ricci-Lee is a young professional who is currently living with her parents, but are ready to leave home. She is not in a financial position to buy her own home yet and her dad, Robert is assisting her to finance the home.

  • Joel Harris
  • Jawitz
  • 082 926 0287

Episode 5 – Hanlie, Tiffany & Lihan

Hanlie is a business woman who invests in properties. This time she is looking to invest in a home for her two adult children which she will partly finance.

  • Elina Lordanova
  • Rawson
  • 082 550 3583

Episode 6 – Erica, Savanah & Brooke

Erica is a single mother who also runs her own catering business from home. She is looking for a bigger family home where she can also run her catering business from.

  • Cindy Miller
  • Remax
  • 082 871 7018

Episode 7 – Alicia

Alicia and her husband is looking to upgrade from a three bedroom to a four bedroom family home with a pool.

  • Tania Fourie
  • Adrienne Hersch
  • 082 331 6948


Episode 8 – Jaco and Karen

Jaco and Karen’s children have left home and they are looking for a home in a retirement estate that they can rent out for now and move in later when they are retired.

  • Marelize Schuld
  • Aida
  • 083 700 9345


Episode 9- Jade and Melissa

Jade and her six year old son, Koena recently had to move back in with her parents. They are now ready for the next chapter in their lives and are looking for a secure townhouse.

  • Lauren Wilmot
  • Adrienne Hersch
  • 084 580 7805

Episode 10 – Linky & Gugu

Linky Morobi and her daughter Gugu live in a two bedroom apartment. With the help of a bereaved inheritance they are looking for a new place to call home.

  • Kobus Venter &Jodi Shneier
  • Sotheby’s
  • 083 632 2626 (K) / 072 110 0276 (J) 

Episode 11 – Rachel and Nico

Rachel and Nico are looking to buy their first home and move in together. With Rachel loving the area that she currently lives in they are simply looking for more space.

  • Taryn Steven
  • Rawson
  • 082 773 3566 

Episode 12 – Overt and Anesu

Overt and Anesu are currently living in a two bedroom townhouse. With Overt’s new promotion this couple are in a position to buy their first home together.

  • Daniel Hersch
  • Adrienne Hersch
  • 082 412 7323 

Episode 13 – Gregg and Nicole

Gregg and Nicole recently got married and would like to start a family soon. They are looking to upgrade from their compact apartment to a family home.

  • Tim Johnson
  • Seeff
  • 082 424 6202

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