Flat Out Fabulous

In Flat Out Fabulous, a stylish yet thrifty interior designer, Whinnie Williams, proves that you don’t have to own your own home to make it look incredible. She’s a design queen who dares to be different and believes that if housemates clubbed together and rolled their sleeves up, for just the cost of a big night out, they could jazz up their living room and transform it into an amazing shared space.

Whinnie and her co-host, Tyler West, are passionate about showing that home renovations don’t have to cost a fortune and that you can have that million-pound look for less. In each episode, they travel to a different part of the UK, meeting a wide variety of flatmates surrounded by dull decor and flagging furniture. After scouring vintage shops, online auctions and giving loads of smart upcycling and decorating tips, they share how anyone can go from lacklustre lounge to Flat Out Fabulous in a few simple – and cost-effective – steps.