Scott’s Vacation House Rules

Scott transforms a 3000 square foot bachelor pad into a luxurious resort perfect for the lucrative winter rental market.

Real Health

We discuss facial aging and the role of medical aesthetics for rejuvenation. Also, we examine throat infection risk factors and homeopathic treatments. Plus, enjoy a hearty winter soup recipe!

The Home Team

Renovation expert Naomi Findlay heads to Sydney's Northern Beaches to help out Katie, who has a bathroom that is in need of a renovation.

Property Brothers: Forever Home

Jonathan and Drew tackle Kirsti and Jeff's kitchen, living room, dining room and office leaving this home with a layout that puts family first.

Location Location Location

Jess and Zac are looking for their first home together and know they need Phil's help. Rachel and Alan are fed up paying rent and want their own home to put their own stamp on. But she manages to find them homes that make their jaws drop.