Jamie’s Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie Oliver is set to show the nation some easy-to-follow recipes, tips, and hacks, specifically tailored for the unique times we’re living in with so many people staying at home. Filmed at home during lock down, using only his mobile phone and wife Jools as his only crew, Jamie will be showing us how he is feeding his family from the food he has in his own cupboards, fridge, and freezer.  In addition, he will introduce some recipes from his archive of shows that he thinks people will find useful at this time.  In these introductions, Jamie will explain why he thinks these recipes are so pertinent and all the different ways they can be adapted for whatever ingredients people can get their hands on. 

Show Times:

Mon 14:00 | Tue 15:00 | Wed 18:00 | Thu 19:00 & 23:00 | Fri 10:00 & 22:30 | Sat 08:00 & 15:30 | Sun 14:30