How to Garden with Carol Klein

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Are you clueless about gardening? Or green fingered, but in need of inspiration? Then let Carol Klein show you how. With more than 40 years’ experience, Carol is the ideal person to show you ‘How To Garden’. Filmed at her own plot in Devon, this two-part master class will be your guide – from how to put the right plant in the right place, to how to grow all your own plants from scratch. Whether you want to grow delicious edibles, or beautiful ornamentals, ‘How To Garden’ is here to show you the way.

26 July – 01 Aug: Episode 3

In the second episode, Carol shows you how to grow – or ‘propagate’ – your own plants, yourself. From her potting shed at Glebe Cottage garden, Carol demonstrates in detail how to sow seed, and then how to bring on the resulting young plants, and care for them until they reach maturity. Outdoors, she explains how to directly sow veggie seed into your patch, and, where space is at a premium how, to combine your edibles with ornamental plants to make a colourful, as well as tasty, display.