Farmhouse Facelift

Brother and sister duo Billy Pearson, a craftsman contractor, and Carolyn Wilbrink, a designer, tackle the toughest farmhouse renovations for their clients, bringing stunning designs and customised modern conveniences to each new project.

Episode 1

Farmhouse renovation team Billy and Carolyn are tasked with giving Jeff John and Kristine a family-friendly space with beautiful modern flair.

Episode 2

After years of longing to live in the country, Ashley and Lucas found their dream property, but it needs a facelift. Farmhouse renovation siblings Carolyn and Billy help to transform this home into a stunning modern farmhouse.

Episode 3

Can Carolyn and Billy successfully update Jeff and Christine’s 128-year-old farmhouse that has been in Jeff’s family for a whopping six generations? Spoiler alert: Yes, and it’s gorgeous.

Episode 4

Homeowners Nathan and Morgan recruit farmhouse renovation duo Carolyn and Billy to transform their ageing house into a beautiful and functional home that is perfect for their future family.

Episode 5

Chris and Lauren’s dated farmhouse needs a serious overhaul to make it work – both for their family’s needs and as a base for Lauren’s home business.  Can Carolyn and Billy create a beautiful yet functional space for family and business?

Episode 6

After purchasing a farmhouse that has been in the family for generations, Michael and Kristen need Carolyn and Billy’s help to create a stunning home for their young family, while keeping much of the original character.

Episode 7

Former city-dwellers Niki and Jordan task farmhouse renovation duo Carolyn and Billy with overhauling their unfinished attic and half-abandoned renovation into strikingly beautiful spaces for their young family to enjoy. 

Episode 8

Sarah and Brian knew that purchasing a century home would be a massive undertaking. Can Carolyn and Billy give them a safe, comfortable home, while keeping the gorgeous unique details that attracted them to the house?  

Episode 9

It took years for homeowner Tracy to grow accustomed to rural life with her husband John and their four kids. Now it’s up to Billy and Carolyn to renovate their dysfunctional farmhouse and make it work for their family of six.

Episode 10

Katie and Scott love their old farmhouse but desperately want it updated. Farmhouse renovation team Carolyn and Billy transform their cramped family farmhouse into a beautiful and stylish home for their family of four.