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By moving to France and renovating their chateau, Dick and Angel have opened up a fascinating aspect of France. The French are simply not interested in their old castles. The floors are rotten, the walls are crumbling, they cost a fortune to maintain and they’re in the middle of nowhere. To the French these are big problems. To the Brits they are exciting new adventures, and the Brits are coming.

With more than 40,000 beautiful chateaus in France, most of which are abandoned, one by one Brits are snapping them up as we seek an exciting new life in a country famed for its love of food and drink. And the prices are shockingly low! The second series of Escape to the Chateau – DIY will follow a number of British families or couples making the monumental decision to leave home to chase the French dream. Whether the chateaus are completely undeveloped, half-developed or almost finished, they are all guaranteed to be utterly jaw-dropping.  

Episode 1

Dick joins Scottish Couple Elaine and David as they start their search for their dream chateau.  We catch up with couple Tim and Krys’ renovation.  Belinda and Lee set about hosting the village walking group. 

Episode 2

We continue our story with couple Tim and Krys. Belinda and Lee struggle to get their chateau ready for their first paying guests. Elaine and David continue their search for their dream property. 

Episode 3

Belinda asks Angel to teach her the art of decoupage. It’s changeover day at Krys and Tim’s Chateau. Elaine and David visit a 19th-century Chateau.  Angela and Steve are in a race against time.  

Episode 4

Dick shows Tim how to put on a gourmet weekend.  For Belinda and Lee it’s arrival day for their first paying guests. To kick-start their new money-making idea, Angela and Steve invite eight friends over for a test run.

Episode 5

Tim and Krys have their first gastronomic weekend. Belinda and Lee also have a big event. Dick visits Angela and Steve to lend a hand with a precariously dislodged beam.

Episode 6

Dick helps Tim and Rebecca find their feet. We meet Edward and Anna in their fairytale chateau. Fiona continues to single-handedly restore her magnificent 12th-century French castle. 

Episode 7

The pressure is on for Dick and Angel as they host a very special wedding for close friends. Martin and Kim start their search to buy the perfect chateau. Tim and Rebecca call in their mates to help.

Episode 8

Tim and Rebecca battle to get their chateau looking tip-top. Martin and Kim continue their rollercoaster search for a dream chateau. The clock is ticking for Fiona as she has 24 hours to prepare for her first-ever wedding.

Episode 9

Tim and Rebecca receive a booking.  Martin and Kim take their chateau search up a gear. Paul and Karen embark on creating a cinema room in their barn. 

Episode 10

Anna and Edward host another big wedding. Dick visits Tim and Rebecca as they run into structural problems. Paul tackles a leaking outbuilding. 

Episode 11

Dick shows us how he maintains his land on his trusty tractor. We meet Emma and Paul from London who have bought a chateau in Northern France.  

Episode 12

Dick helps Paul cut some Vitrolite vintage tiles for an art deco bathroom. Abbie is busy painting furniture for bedrooms. Julia and her sisters visit two more chateaux.  

Episode 13

We meet Mariam and Johnno who arrive at their new chateau. Abbie and mum Karen have wallpaper decisions to make. Emma and Paul get a break from DIY.

Episode 14

Emma and Paul desperately need to fill their lake with fresh water. Abbie and Karen are given tips by Angel on how to save money. Mariam and Johnno try to get their chateau sorted out. 

Episode 15

Emma and Paul are planning to host locals. Abbie, Clive and Karen host their biggest wedding of the season. Mariam and Johnno get their antique fireplace fitted.

Episode 16

Dick steps in to help new chateau owners couple Erin and JB. We welcome back Tim and Margareeth. Alison and Paul are also back with their chateau.  

Episode 17

Dick fixes up his temperamental vin de van at his chateau. Erin and JB start work on their honeymoon suite. Alison and Paul make an exciting discovery.  

Episode 18

Erin and JB host a 90th birthday party. We meet May and her family as they start work on their outbuilding. Dick checks the electrics in his Orangery.

Episode 19

Dick steps in to help Erin and JB find a solution to their rusted hinges. The Wedding season is over for Tim and Margareeth. May and her son Jack get the Yoga Room ready.

Episode 20

Erin and JB are launching their chateau business. May is using her new yoga studio for the first time. We also meet Charles, owner of one of the most striking chateaux in France. 

Episode 21

We welcome back Johnny and Ashley, as well as Nicole and Belgium. Ben and Billie want to start putting on foodie events at their home. Dick helps his father-in-law clear away a stubborn tree trunk.

Episode 22

Nicole and Stefan start work on the ancient gatehouse. Billie visits Angel to pick up some ideas. Johnny and Ashley start work on their chateau library.

Episode 23

Dick visits Ben and Billie to help restore the traditional wine press. Johnny and Ashley finish off their work on the library ceiling. Stefan has to leave his new chateau.

Episode 24

It’s National Monuments Day at Nicole and Stefan’s historic castle. We meet Wendy and Marcus who are launching their new wedding business with a raucous hen party. 

Episode 25

Nicole and Stefan continue their renovation of their historic chateau in Lucheux. Ben and Billie host their foodie evening. Wendy and Marcus continue work on their wedding barn.

Episode 26

We welcome back Stephanie and her fairytale 16th-century Chateau de Lalande. New chateau owners Jayne and Steve need to get four rooms ready for their new B&B business.  

Episode 27

Dick visits Stephanie to help get the original chateau pizza oven working.  Annabelle and Justin return from holiday to find their chateau infested.  Jayne and Steve finish the Nature Room.

Episode 28

Angel goes shopping with Stephanie. Justin and Annabelle put up their newly renovated exterior chateau shutters. Jayne and Steve complete their second en suite bedroom. 

Episode 29

Dick visits Stephanie to check out the new boiler. Justin and Annabelle have to complete rooms in time for a visit. Jayne and Steve battle with a giant four-poster bed.

Episode 30

Stephanie finishes her mum Isobel’s apartment. Jayne and Steve finish the Oriental Room. We meet Tim, Sasha and Lily who run their chateau as a high-end wedding venue.