Top Million Dollar Agent

Top Million Dollar Agent is an educational and entertaining reality style show based on the lives and careers of four of North America’s top real estate professionals. The show features Mike Donia, Jin Jiang, Daryl King, and Inez Kudryk. Each hosts their own episode with their clientele and the other three agents plus a guest agent, who provides luxurious listings for them to see.  

This show is geared towards everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors and gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives and careers of top real estate professionals. The goal is to entertain and enlighten audiences about the growing million-dollar residential market. Tune in to satisfy your curiosity! 

Show Times:

Mon 18:30 | Tue 11:30 & 20:30 | Wed 10:30 & 15:30 | Thu 14:30 | Fri 16:30 | Sat 10:00 & 20:00 | Sun 08:30