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We could all use a personal life guru, someone to help keep us feeling great. Meet Yogi Cameron, former super model and celebrity fave, turned ayurvedic healer and yoga master. In each episode of this engaging reality series, Yogi Cam takes on a new client challenged by a health issue. Using Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old-system of medicine and healing, Yogi gets to the root of their problem and on the road to wellness.

Episode – 13 – Lexie/Migraines

Lexie’s debilitating migraines have impacted every aspect of her life, even her music career. Yogi Cameron’s treatment of oils, herbs, yoga, and even colour and music therapy, helps her discover that her ailment may be both literally and figuratively in her head – allowing her to finally heal.

Episode – 12 – Bob/Tintinitus

Bob struggles with a constant ringing in his ears. Sceptical, but out of options, he turns to Yogi Cameron and ancient Ayurvedic practices such as herbs, oil in the ears, yoga, meditation and sound therapy in hopes of discovering the secret to bringing quiet and joy back into his life.

Episode – 11 – Christain/Chronic Fatigue

Christian needs a guide to pull him out of years of chronic fatigue. Yogi Cameron prescribes a strict diet of no processed or packaged foods, oil treatments to calm his mind, and interesting yoga postures to bring energy back into Christian’s life and prepare him for the ultimate test of focus.

Episode – 10 – Joe/Back Pain

As a singer and dancer, Joes suffers from agonizing back pain after each performance. Yogi Cameron prescribes sleeping on the floor, herbs, yoga, meditation and some surprising Ayurvedic oil treatments to treat Joe’s back and allow him to perform pain free.

Episode – 9 – Jill & Simon/Thyroid & HPB

Jill and Simon’s health and marriage are suffering.  Yogi Cameron searches for the cause of her hypothyroidism and his high blood pressure, administering essential oils, herbs, meditation, yoga, and treatments for the mind.  They hope to heal individually so they can strengthen as a couple.

Episode – 8 – Margot/Allergies

Margot suffers from allergies and cannot fulfil her dream of teaching yoga outside. Yogi Cameron administers nasal cleansing treatments, as well as sunset meditation, yoga, and snorting salt water from the Pacific.  But the hardest challenge will be changing her socialite lifestyle, which means no more alcohol.

Episode – 7 – Debbie Rheumatoid Arthritis

Debbie’s rheumatoid arthritis is preventing her from being the mother she wants to be – and Yogi Cameron is her last hope.  Using oil and steam treatments for her hands, a strict diet, meditation and an ancient Ayurvedic treatment called shiro dhara, Yogi begins to repair the body and the family.

Episode – 6 – Ayurveda 101/Abigail

Abigail has recovered from a painful skin disorder, but she needs Yogi Cameron’s help getting her life back in order.  He teaches Abigail Ayurveda 101, which includes a new morning routine, yoga, walking, healthy cooking, healing herbs and the discipline it takes to stick to it all.

Episode – 5 – Stomach Pain/Nicole

Nicole struggles with digestive problems and needs Yogi Cameron to help her discover what’s making her feel so miserable. To bring down the excess fire, or pitta in her body, he introduces Nicole to an herbal regimen, singing bowl meditation, yoga, and dietary changes to prepare her for the ultimate test – dinner out with friends

Episode – 4 – Insomnia/Aggie

An insomniac since childhood, Aggie needs Yogi Cameron to help her sleep at night. Using oil treatments, yoga, meditation, astrological advice and dietary changes Yogi Cameron works to correct her troubled sleeping habits while Aggie struggles with the discipline required to achieve the results she desires.

Episode – 3 – Muscle Pain/Kate

Kate suffers debilitating pain from childhood sports injuries, which prevents her from making a living as an artist. Yogi Cameron prescribes yoga, colour meditation and treating the skin with oils and herbal paste to bring down the pitta heat and relieve muscle pain, so that Kate can resume her passion for painting.

Episode – 2 – Photodysphoria/Nikki

Nikki suffers from photodysphoria, an extreme sensitivity to light. Yogi Cameron determines her condition is rooted in fear and a vata, or air element, imbalance. Using traditional Ayurvedic treatments and lessons in joy, Yogi Cameron helps Nikki calm her fears and reach her goal of spending time at the beach.

Episode – 1 – Psoriasis/Mario

Mario seeks Yogi Cameron’s help to rid him of psoriasis. His treatment plan includes Ayurvedic skin treatments and a series of lifestyle changes – no drinking alcohol, no coffee, no living in excess and no sex. With his disciplined nature, Mario adheres to the rules and his skin heals.