Wood storage bin

Material List:

Material list

Power tools

Pine 20mm

PST 18 Cordless jig saw

600mm x 600mm – 2 piece

PSR 18 VLI Cordless drill driver

560mm x 580mm – 2 piece (grain in direction of short side)

PSR 10.8 volt cordless drill driver

600mm x 400mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)

Pex 220 sander

600mm x 200mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)

PFS 65 Spray gun

600mm x 500mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long side)


450mm x 40mm – 3pieces


4 x castor wheels


4 x 40 mm chipboard screws


water based varnish (dark colour will look nice)


wood filler to match varnish


60mm but hinges x 2


12-16mm weather strip – 1 meter




  1. Draw out and cut angle into sides

  2. Draw out where front, back, sides and bottom join together. Drill pilot holes

  3. Join all pieces together

  4. Fit top slat

  5. Cut lid to size (if necessary)

  6. Fit hinges and lid.

  7. Sand and varnish

  8. Fit weather strip