Wood Pillar Lantern

In this week’s episode, Peter and Annalien creates ambience by showing you how to build a pillar-like outdoor lantern. This project can be used on the patio or in the garden, as the glass protects the candle against the wind.

You will need:

Tools Materials
  Meranti 20mm PAR grain in long direction
PSR 18 Cordless drill LANTERN front and back 1100mm x 300mm – 2 pieces
PEX 220 sander LANTERN Sides 1100mm x 260mm – 2 pieces
  LANTERN lid and shelf – 260 x 260mm – 1 pieces
  LANTERN bottom 300 mm x 300mm – 1 piece
Palm router 20 x 20mm cleats 1mtr – 3 pieces
  clear glass 3mm edges – sharp edges removed
PKS 18 Jigsaw Glass sides 210mm x 310mm – 4 pieces
  Glass lid 210 x 210 – 1 piece with 30mm hole drilled in centre
  4 x 40mm wood screws
  meranti wood filler
  clear glass clips NB flush fit 20 – pieces
  Red Teak oil 1 bottle
  1 big candle
  Rubber feet – 4 pieces
  wood glue

Follow these steps:

  1. Mark out where sides fit together and drill pilot holes.
  2. Mark out for shelf
  3. Mark and cut out spaces for glass.
  4. Router edges for glass to lay in.
  5. Insert cleats for shelf and lid
  6. Assemble sides
  7. Insert shelf
  8. Attach bottom
  9. Cut lid to size
  10. Cut out shape for glass
  11. Router rebate for glass
  12. Fill holes
  13. Sand and oil

Take a closer look:

 lantern 1 Lantern 2

Download the plans:

>> Download PDF file – Pillar Lantern