Whose Design Is It Anyway

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Whose Design is it Anyway? is the hot new design show that pits design savvy homeowners up against our resident designer and host Jason Cass.  Each will redesign the same room of the house and get feedback from the public on which version of the room is more flattering.

Will the homeowner with “an eye for style” make the same types of decisions as the expert and who ultimately will have the winning design? 

Episode 1 – Lisa F.

Lisa is planning her new dining room around an old heirloom. Jason is envisioning a cool, Scandinavian-inspired space.

Episode 2 – Mark E.

Mark is designing a bright and airy nursery for his soon-to-be-born nephew or niece. Jason is choosing natural wood and soft green walls.

Episode 3 – Ginny

Ginny is changing her formal living room into a family-friendly space. Jason is using bold, traditional style to update the room.

Episode 4 – Lisa D

Lisa is painting her living room ceiling a deep, dramatic blue. Jason is mixing up fun, modern pieces for a stylish look. 

Episode 5 –  Frances

Frances is imagining an elegant yet casual light blue room, full of chrome and crystal. Jason is bringing a French farmhouse feel, complete with reed-seated chairs.

Episode 6  Juan

Juan is making a custom-built platform bed the centerpiece of his small bedroom. Jason is making the bed disappear completely.

Episode 7 – Sharon 

Sharon is updating her master bedroom with eclectic pieces and warm brown and orange colours. Jason’s room is inspired by elegant, old-world charm.

Episode 8 – Cynthia

Cynthia is transforming her red dining room into a dramatic space with bold damask wallpaper. Jason is painting wide horizontal stripes on the walls for graphic impact.

Episode 9 – Karen R.

Karen is remaking her shabby chic living room into a contemporary, urban space. Jason’s version features high-contrast furniture and bold green walls.

Episode 10 – Alix  

Alix is planning a fresh and casual living room. Jason is aiming for moodiness, with a grey and pink colour scheme.

Episode 11 – Rob  

Rob plans to turn his half-finished kitchen into an attractive, working space fit for a chef. Jason is creating an Italian cucina full of bright ceramic pottery.

Episode 12 – Wendy

Wendy is pairing calm blue walls with a huge bed fit for a king-sized room. Jason is creating a coffee-coloured boutique suite.

Episode 13 – Fiji Frat House  

Mickey is taking inspiration from the classic lines of his fraternity house to produce an appetizing dining room. Jason is creating a stylish space that is both fun and functional.