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Africa Modern

Not currently on Air

The South African & African creative realm has truly come into its own over the past few decades. To the point where the world is watching, looking to Africa for inspiration, answers and guidance. In this series we will explore the creative world of Fashion, Design, Technology, Trends and the Arts, talking to the visionaries […]

Alter Eco

Not currently on Air

Alter Eco is an eco lifestyle and makeover series presented by Adrian Grenier and his team of green activists, experts, and friends. Some of Adrian’s green team includes eco contractor Darren Moore, who has been building green since he was six years old, Boise Thomas, who is the online activist and guru of the LA […]

Australia’s Best House S1

Mon 14:30 | Wed 18:30 | Thu 23:30 | Fri 10:30

Hosted by style icon Megan Gales, we take a sneak peek into the best homes in Australia. Australians love everything house and home. ‘Australia’s Best House’ is a celebration of how Australians live. From display homes, multi-residential projects, brand new builds to breath-taking renovations, this show will take us inside the best residential projects in […]

Backyard Builds S3

Mon 14:30 | Wed 18:30 | Thu 23:30 | Fri 10:30

When living space becomes unliveable, the answer to your pleas for help may come from the unlikely source of your overgrown and underused backyard. Looking to provide salvation from cramped households are contractor Brian McCourt and design expert, Sarah Keenleyside. Armed with the homeowner’s needs and budget, families are left speechless as they see their […]

Builders – DIY Made Easy

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The Home Channel and DIY giant BUILDERS bring you innovative DIY projects and gardening advice suitable for young and old. Let our DIY and gardening experts inspire and guide you through fun projects that you can recreate at home… Outdoor Drinks Table Having an outdoor drinks table is the ultimate luxury when it comes to […]

Building Dream Homes

Mon 10:30 | Tue 14:30 | Thu 18:30 | Fri 23:30

Building Dream Homes follows some of the UK’s leading architects,  in groundbreaking design. We follow them as they battle with builders, blueprints and the clients who hire them all in the name of making the properties we dream of become, a reality. Episode 1 Marianne and John embark on building the house they’ve spent years […]

Carter Can

Not currently on Air

Carter Oosterhouse is a man on a mission. For homeowners who have been told that their home project is too difficult, costly or just not worth the effort, Carter comes to the rescue.  Making the “impossible,” possible by using his extensive building and carpentry skills, Carter tackles two to four daunting projects each episode that […]

Challenge Tommy Walsh

Not currently on Air

Tommy is a DIY action man-who-can, determined to train an army of raw recruits desperate to learn how to fix things properly and learn the basics.  Set in England, in a house which becomes Tommy’s DIY academy, each episode sees two different homeowners being shown the DIY ropes.  Full of tips, instructional animations and Tommy’s […]

Clean It Fix It S1

Mon 20:00 |Tue 08:00 |Wed 12:00 |Thu 16:00 |Sat 08:30 |Sun 07:00

However big or small, our homes should be a haven, a place of refuge. It’s not always easy keeping a house in order but help is at hand. You can take back control of your home with a number of clever, common sense hacks that don’t bust the bank balance. We’ll show you how you […]

Clean it Fix it S2

Mon 20:00 |Tue 08:00 |Wed 12:00 |Thu 16:00 |Sat 08:30 |Sun 07:00

DIY legend Tommy Walsh, expert cleaner Maxine Dwyer, and carpenter Asher Edwards visit viewers homes to solve practical problems using clever tips and lifehacks, achieving amazing results in just one day. 

Completely Hammered

Not currently on air

Imagine having a man with talent and tools ring your doorbell. You throw open the door and tell Jaran, Anthony, Matthew or Dylan exactly what you want. He’ll fix your dripping tap, rewire your electrical panel, patch holes in the wall, or change a dimmer switch: all the while with you learning how to each […]

Country House Hunters NZ

Mon 10:30 | Tue 14:30 | Thu 18:30 | Fri 23:30

Country House Hunters is a primetime series which helps couples as they embark on their journey to find their perfect country home. Some are looking to change from an urban to rural setting, others from the mountains to farmland, others from inland to the coast. All are shown three houses by our host, each of […]

Creative Living S1

Mon 16:30 | Wed 20:30 | Thu 08:30 | Fri 12:30 | Sat 17:30 & 00:30 | Sun 13:00 & 21:30

The Resident Builder, Peter Wolfkamp follows a central Auckland family through an exciting but daunting period of their lives.  The total re-build of their rusty and rotting heritage villa is a renovation that Jo and Richard Graham have saved and planned for over almost 10 years.  With the arrival of a new baby just weeks […]

Decked Out

Not currently on Air

DECKED OUT is back for another season of entertaining, funny, irreverent learning experience in learning the creative process of designing and building impressively intricate outdoor decks and beautiful backyard spaces. Episode 1 – THE AWNING DECK After ten years of living with an empty backyard, Kenneth and Tutran realize it’s time to turn their backyard […]

Design For Life

Not currently on Air

Designs for Life is a new four-part series that follows four couples as they set out to build their very own designs for life. Presenter and Architect Garry Miley matches each of the aspiring homebuilders with an architect who he thinks is their ideal match. Whether it’s a new build on a stunning site or […]

Design For You: Home Inspirations

Mon 16:00 | Wed 20:00 | Thu 08:00 | Fri 12:00 | Sat 15:00 & 22:00 | Sun 10:30 & 19:00

Join host Pilani Bubu on Design for You: Home Inspirations. This studio-based interior design show explores all aspects of decor and the fundamentals of interior design. Watch as we give you a full spectrum understanding of how, why, and what – when it comes to any design-related element, from fabrics, carpet, paint and pattern to […]

Design U

Not currently on Air

Design U is the pre-eminent institution of higher learning for the design-challenged.  Through our rigorous training and education programs, Design U attempts to bring out the inner designer hidden deep inside those that show no signs of design life.    Episode 1 – Sandra’s Bedroom Carter and Sandra are on-air partners on a morning-drive-time radio […]

Disaster DIY

Not currently on Air

Take one sheepish DIY-er, one disastrous project, and one pissed off partner who blows the whistle on their well-meaning loved one.  Armed with quick wit, a little sarcasm, and a lot of patience, veteran contractor Bryan Baeumler teaches homeowners invaluable building skills and gets these families out of renovation hell. Make it better with Prominent […]

Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinsons S1

Mon 20:00 | Tue 08:00 | Wed 12:00 | Thu 16:00 | Sat 08:30 | Sun 07:00

Featuring the UK’s undisputed queen of colour, Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson follows the interior design guru as she pushes brave homeowners just beyond their comfort zones to create eye-popping interiors that are cozy to live in and amazing to look at. Every episode features two dazzling transformations along with tips for getting wow-factor […]

Escape to the Chateau DIY

Mon 20:00 | Tue 08:00 | Wed 12:00 | Thu 16:00 | Sat 08:30 | Sun 07:00

By moving to France and renovating their chateau, Dick and Angel have opened up a fascinating aspect of France. The French are simply not interested in their old castles. The floors are rotten, the walls are crumbling, they cost a fortune to maintain and they’re in the middle of nowhere. To the French these are […]

Escape to The Chateau S7

Mon 12:00 | Tue 16:00 | Thu 20:00 | Fri 08:00 & 19:00 | Sat 12:30 | Sun 16:30 & 23:30

Escape to the Chateau is back with brand new season and Dick Strawbridge and his partner Angel are as hard at work as ever! It’s been years since they’ve traded in their two-bed apartment in Essex for a dilapidated 19th century French chateau, and the massive restoration of this 45 room castle is almost complete.   […]

Escape To The Country S26

Mon 21:00 |Tue 09:00 |Wed 13:00 |Thu 17:00 |Sat 21:00 |Sun 09:30 & 18:00

Escape to the Country sets out to find the perfect home for families who are seeking to get away from city living. Each episode features one couple or family who are looking to make the escape and relocate to the country. Join the presenters on their quest to find a home that fits the bill, […]

Family Home Overhaul S1

Mon 22:00 | Tue 11:00 | Wed 15:00 | Fri 19:00

Family Home Overhaul is a heartwarming, emotion stirring renovation series that celebrates the joy of paying it forward. In each stand-alone episode, a deserving family is introduced, who are known to always put others before themselves – despite their own personal struggles and challenges. It is because of this, their community nominates the family to […]

Farmhouse Face Lift

Mon 20:00 | Tue 08:00 | Wed 12:00 | Thu 16:00 | Sat 08:30 | Sun 07:00

Brother and sister duo Billy Pearson, a craftsman contractor, and Carolyn Wilbrink, a designer, tackle the toughest farmhouse renovations for their clients, bringing stunning designs and customised modern conveniences to each new project. 

Find Me a Beach House S1

Mon 19:00 | Tue 22:00 | Wed 11:00 | Thur 15:00

Australians have a fascination with the beach and for some living by the water is the ultimate Australian dream.  Find Me A Beach House is a ten part series that follows the buying decisions of beach house hunters in various locations around Australia. Host, Deborah Hutton is tasked with helping Australians find the perfect beach house.  […]

Find Your Dream Home

Mon 11:00 | Tue 15:00 | Thu 19:00 | Fri 22:30 |

Host, Deborah Hutton is curious to find out what your dream home means to you. The dream means something different to everyone of us. Our homes are as individual as we are. Deborah tours a vast array of diverse homes and talks the owners to get their story. From tiny little compact abodes to living […]

Flat Out Fabulous

Mon 11:00 | Tue 15:00 | Thu 19:00 | Fri 22:30

In Flat Out Fabulous, a stylish yet thrifty interior designer, Whinnie Williams, proves that you don’t have to own your own home to make it look incredible. She’s a design queen who dares to be different and believes that if housemates clubbed together and rolled their sleeves up, for just the cost of a big […]

Flip Addict

Not currently on Air

Flip Addict is a two-episode special. We follow Danielle Bryk as she fights her way through a renovation flip nightmare to transform a neglected home into a buyer’s dream. For the last two years, Danielle’s design and renovation business had been thriving, but she felt something had been missing. Before embarking on a new career […]

Get it Done

Not currently on Air

  A brand new season of Get it Done is here! With exciting new projects and step by step instructions, there’s no reason for you to miss out on the fun that is DIY.  From recycling, to repurposing and even renovating. Peter and Annalien aim to bring out the DIY guru in you. Get It […]

Get it right with Gelmar S2

Get it right with Gelmar S2

From dining table transformations to fresh ideas for organizing an office space, Get it right with Gelmar has got you covered. Season 2 will feature more creative home inspiration ideas, DIY makeovers and home hacks, each episode features different guests who bring something new to the table every time. Dining Table Upcycle Guest Details: Ryan […]

Get the Look

Not currently on Air

Get the Look sees one of the UK’s hottest interior designer, Kathryn Rayward, help families get the designer look they aspire to, whatever their budget. From Hollywood glamour to shabby chic and from Scandinavian to Moroccan style, Kathryn is on a mission to transform the nation’s living spaces into something stylish, on-trend and fantastic. Throughout […]

Grin and Build it

Not currently on Air

Who will crack first in this design pressure cooker? Many a marriage has cracked under the stress of a home renovation project, and Grin and Build It cranks up the pressure with its mix of relationships, design and DIY — all on a gruelling three-day deadline, of course. Designer Heather Smillie and contractor Jon Giacomelli […]

Holmes + Holmes

Not currently on Air

In this 12 episode series, Mike Holmes and his son Mike Holmes Jr. are in business together and take on their biggest challenge yet: buying, renovating, and selling 3 houses for profit, doing it the ‘Make It Right’ way. Mike doesn’t like the word flip, which he equates with a lipstick and mascara approach to […]

Holmes Inspection

Not currently on Air

Holmes Inspection is the exciting new series from The Holmes Group.  Featuring Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes), the series shines a spotlight on innocent homeowners facing massive repair bills and dangerous living conditions due to incompetence within the unregulated home inspection industry. Each show offers a unique dilemma faced by house purchasers who, misled by […]

Home Made Easy

Not currently on Air

Home Made Easy brings you all the help you need to turn your house into a home – from practical gardening to exciting DIY projects and inspirational décor advice. Join our presenters Tanya Visser, Ryan Paulsen and Elle Franco, as they share a range of useful tips and tricks to make your house a home. […]

Home of The Year Ireland S8

Tue 19:30 | Wed 22:00 | Thu 11:30 | Fri 15:30 | Sat 13:30 & 20:30 | Sun 17:30 & 00:30

Over eight weeks, 21 homes compete for the Home of the Year title. Making the tough decisions are three expert judges: interior design legend Hugh Wallace, award winning architect Declan O’Donnell and textiles and homewares designer Helen James. Looking for individuality, functionality and clever design, the judges will individually score each of the homes out […]

Home to win

Not currently on Air

For the first time on South African television, 20 of our favourite home renovation stars are teaming up to create an incredible home that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Contractors, designers and DIY experts including Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, Scott McGillivray and Sarah Richardson come together under one roof to buy an average home and turn it into a dream. […]

House of Bryan in the Sticks

Not currently on Air

Five years have passed since Bryan and Sarah built their custom dream home in the city. Always up for a new challenge, Bryan and Sarah are back at building again – But this time, they’re uprooting their growing family from the city to the gritty countryside. And breaking Bryan’s cardinal rule of home-building– Never, ever […]

House of Bryan on the Rocks

Not currently on Air

The successful global franchise and ratings record-breaker HOUSE OF BRYAN, had Bryan and his family struggle to build the dream house in their hometown.  So it’s no surprise that HOUSE OF BRYAN: On the Rocks sees Bryan Baeumler at it again!  But this time he’s building the ultimate vacation home – literally from the rocks […]

House of Bryan: The Final Straw

Not currently on Air

Viewers get a very personal and intimate look into the life and custom builds of Bryan Baeumler in the House of Bryan series, a hit global franchise. Bryan and his wife Sarah work with and against each other as they build their custom homes from the ground up. In the third season, the Baeumler family […]

Housecalls to the Rescue

Not currently on Air

House Calls To The Rescue”, it is a show which solves real problems within the home.  Not for those who want to sell and move on, not necessarily for those who want to surprise a loved one, this program is designed to get expert advice and assistance to the people who need it. Responding to […]

If Its Broke Fix It

Not currently on Air

Presented by TV handyman Craig Phillips. Two teams of DIY novices are sent off to builders ‘bootcamp’ where they are put through their paces, knocked into shape, and taught all the tricks of the builders trade in this inspirational new series. They then return to their own homes where a big DIY task awaits them. […]

In A Fix

Not currently on Air

“In a Fix” features a team that attacks a home-repair project that has gone terribly wrong – vast gaping holes in the ceiling or pathetically gutted kitchens.  Before the work begins, the husband or wife is sent away to get a complete personal makeover – new hair, spa treatment, new outfit.  When he or she […]

Interior Design Masters S3

Mon 15:00 | Wed 19:00 | Thu 22:00 | Fri 11:00

This entertaining eight-part series hosted by Alan Carr, sees ten talented new designers all looking for their big break in the fast-paced world of commercial interior design. They will be competing to win a career-defining contract with one of UK’s top hotels. Design expert and former editor of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehin, returns as the […]

Island of Bryan

Not currently on air

Can two parents with four school age kids, drop out of their busy lives and move to a tropical paradise for 8 months to rebuild and restore a run-down beachfront resort? For contractor Bryan Baeumler and his wife Sarah, it’s a huge personal and financial gamble and it’s going to be the ride of their […]

Island of Bryan S4

Mon 22:00 | Tue 11:00 & 20:00 | Wed 08:00 & 15:00 | Thu 12:00 | Fri 16:00 | Sat 19:30 | Sun 09:30

The Baeumlers’ great family adventure continues in Island of Bryan Season 4 as they take on new projects and build a home-base in Florida.  Balancing their need to be close to the hotel with expanding business opportunities and a desire for the whole family to reconnect with the world, Bryan and Sarah chose a house […]

Junk Raiders

Not currently on Air

Why spend a fortune on new building materials when other people have chucked out exactly what you need? Junk Raiders is a journey into ‘up-cycling’; the thriving do-it-yourself subculture that takes trash and uses innovative recycling methods to give it new life. The first series saw the Junk Raiders team use cast-offs to transform an […]

King of Dirt

Not currently on Air

Gino Panaro tells it like it is: If your backyard is a sea of crab grass and half-dead bushes, he’ll chide you for not performing proper maintenance in the first place, then he’ll put on the gloves and get to work. Gino, along with his brother and business partner, Ralph, performs landscape makeovers in the […]

Lafarge Finishing Touches

Lafarge Finishing Touches

Be inspired by these beautiful interiors and see how leading SA Designers have used Lafarge products to enhance the décor and design.  See how the finishing touches of an interior are just as important as the rest of the décor. Episode 1 Episode 2 1 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 3 4 Episode 5 Episode […]

Leave it to Bryan

Not currently on Air

Bryan is best known for fixing unhandy Do-It-Yourselfers disastrous attempts at home renovations. Leave It To Bryan features homeowners calling on Bryan who need a kick-start on their dream renovation. With an ultimate goal of teaching homeowners how to manage their own future renovations, Leave It To Bryan showcases inevitable construction chaos and the feisty […]

Live in Colour

Insert Series


Mon 09:00 | Tue 13:00 | Wed 17:00 | Fri 21:00

No floorboard is left unturned as dynamic property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer continue with a brand new series of Location, Location, Location and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever.  Britain’s choosiest home […]

Love it or List it UK S6

Mon 09:00 |Tue 13:00 |Wed 17:00 |Fri 21:00 |Sat 14:00 |Sun 22:00

Dynamic duo; Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help people who are unhappy with their homes and guide them with their valuable tips to either renovate their abodes or to sell them.

Love The Place You’re In

Not currently on Air

Fed up with your house but can’t afford to move? Interior designer Gordon Whistance has the ultimate solution and is taking aspiring property up-graders on a transformational journey guaranteed to make them love the home they’re in. Episode 1 – Cambridge PhD student James and Italian girlfriend Marianna have just bought their first house together […]

Man Shops Globe

Not Currently on Air

Claiming he has the “greatest job in the world,” Keith Johnson invites viewers along on an international treasure hunt on the Sundance Channel original series, MAN SHOPS GLOBE. In out-of-the-way antique shops, private dealerships and craft stalls, Johnson looks for one-of-a-kind home furnishings and accessories. In each half-hour program, Keith Johnson travels to a new […]

Money for Nothing

Tue 20:00 | Wed 08:00 | Thu 12:00 | Fri 16:00

At tips and recycling centres across the UK, presenter Sarah Moore saves three items from being dumped, and with the help of some of the UK’s elite designers, upholsterers and makers, transforms them into bespoke and valuable pieces. Sarah then returns the profits back to the people who threw the items away.

Money For Nothing S5

Mon 15:00 | Wed 19:00 | Thu 22:00 | Fri 11:00

Winner of `The Great Interior Design Challenge’, Sarah Moore gets brought into more renovation projects on the show `Money for Nothing’. In this series, Moore meets different people up and down the UK who are throwing out what they consider to be worthless goods. In each episode, the designer takes three of these worn-out, overused goods […]

My Dream Home S8

Mon 08:00 & 17:00 |Tue 12:00 |Wed 16:00 & 21:00 |Thu 09:00 | Fri 13:00 & 20:00 |Sat 16:00 & 23:00 |Sun 11:30 & 20:00

My Dream Home, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into incredible dream homes. First, Drew tracks down hidden gems with untapped potential, and then it’s up to identical twin brother Jonathan to expertly overhaul these ramshackle properties. 


Not currently on Air

We all have it. A junk drawer, a messy closet, a pile of mail, lids but no containers. A little clutter, a little bit of chaos. But what happens when that little bit of chaos becomes a big mess? You’ve got major clutter that is blocking your chances for success and happiness. And it’s time […]

Open Homes S1

Mon 19:30 |Tue 22:30 |Wed 11:30 |Thu 15:30 |Sat 10:30 |Sun 09:00

Join our expert home and garden designer hosts, as they take a tour through some of the most awe-inspiring properties you’ll ever see; from resort style pavilion homes to hinterland hideaways with endless views. See on-trend interior design and even a house that floats on the side of a hill; if you’re renovating, building or […]

Over Your Head

Not currently on Air

Over Your Head is the series for everyone who has ever attempted a home improvement makeover only to find themselves, well, a little over their heads.  Even seemingly simple home improvement projects can go oh, so wrong. On each episode, host Eric Stromer and his team of professionals bail out do-it-yourselfers, taking them on a wild ride from […]

Ready Set Reno

Mon 11:00 | Tue 15:00 | Thu 19:00 | Fri 22:30

Design and construction power-couple Michael and Carlene are scouring all corners of Australia in search of the best home renovations, whilst simultaneously trying to finish their own renovation that has been six years in the making. So, learn a thing or two and meet some of the best designers Australia has to offer, teaming up […]

Reno My Reno

Not currently on air

Reno My Reno dives into the world of cottage reno projects gone wrong. In each episode, top notch contractor Dave Depencier and his team turn disaster reno projects into a little piece of cottage perfection. Along the way they right all the wrongs and teach the culprit behind the reno project how to do things […]

Reno Set Go!

Not currently on air

Reno, Set, Go! is the battle cry for a ‘clandestine operation’ that sees friends and family come together to pull off a covert room makeover for a deserving loved one, all while they toil away at their daily nine to five. It’s undercover renovations for unsuspecting recipients. Hosts Cheryl Torreneuva and Roger Morin spearhead a […]

Renovation Game

Not currently on Air

The Renovation Game is a brilliantly simple new twist on the property show: a crack team of up-and-coming builders and designers put their own fees on the line if they fail to raise a property’s value. It’s every homeowner’s ultimate fantasy: the experts promise to raise your house value and you don’t pay them a […]

Renovation Nation

Not currently on Air

The “greening of America” continues one home at a time, as Emmy Award winning host Steve Thomas takes us into the exciting world of Green Homes on the captivating second season of RENOVATION NATION.  Once again, Steve visits renovation sites across the country and meets eco-sensitive homeowners who are making the choice to be environmentally […]

Restoration Man

Not currently on Air

The Restoration Man

Sarah off the Grid

Mon 22:00 | Tue 11:00 | Wed 15:00 | Fri 19:00

Sarah Richardson is taking on a brand-new challenge. After working with her husband, Alex, to successfully build their biggest project yet – a 5,000-square-foot, off-the-grid house – Sarah is looking for her next big build and design challenge!   She’s discovered a historic house in the charming small town of Creemore and plans to convert it […]

Save My Reno S4

Tue 19:00 | Wed 22:30 | Thu 11:00 | Fri 15:00

In Save My Reno, cash-conscious homeowner’s domestic dreams become a reality when Sebastian Clovis, the savvy builder with contagious energy, and Samantha Pynn, the celebrated ‘luxe-on-a-budget’ designer, grab hold of each project.  Seb and Sam save through smart spends, upcycling, and spectacular DIY designs; encouraging homeowners to strap on a tool belt and help with their […]

School Night Dinners

Tue 18:00 | Wed 23:00 | Thu 10:00 | Fri 14:00 | Sat 07:30 | Sun 14:00

Remember the days of a dodgy mac and cheese around the dinner table? Hiding your peas in a napkin or feeding your pasta to the dog? We do. And we never want to go back. That’s why we’re bringing you School Night Dinners. Where drab meals are off the table, and healthy comes with a […]

Scott’s Vacation House Rules S2

Mon 08:00 | Tue 12:00 | Wed 16:00 | Fri 20:00

Does owning a dream vacation property seem out of reach? Real estate expert and contractor Scott McGillivray offers the ultimate road map to renovation and rental success in Scott’s Vacation House Rules. With years of smart real estate investing and renovation experience, Scott will unlock the rental potential of even the most uninspired properties. Finding […]

Space Invaders S1

Mon 08:00 | Tue 12:00 | Wed 16:00 | Fri 20:00

Across the globe families are battling a clutter crisis and desperately need an intervention. Space Invaders allows them to enter inspirational declutter guru Peter Walsh. With multiple best-selling books and years ‘organising’ for TV titan Oprah Winfrey, Peter has transformed thousands of lives. Knowing that people’s belongings are heavily tied to their emotions, Peter pushes […]

Tackle My Reno

Not currently on Air

In TACKLE MY RENO, pro-football player turned handyman Sebastian Clovis teams up with overwhelmed homeowners to right their renovation wrongs. In the world of Doing It Yourself, it’s easy to take on more than you can handle. It takes a fed up loved one to say ENOUGH! That’s where Sebastian comes in. Like any good […]

The Block USA – Flipping the Block

Not currently on Air

Four teams of skilled competitors join forces on an extraordinary renovation. They’ll demo, reno and transform four run-down condos into move-in ready show pieces…all while living amidst the construction dust! In the end, the team that gets the highest bid for their condo unit at auction, minus what they spent from their design budget, will […]

The Gardener and Friends

Tue 21:00 | Wed 09:00 | Thu 13:00 | Fri 17:00 | Sat 12:00 & 19:00 | Sun 16:00 & 23:00

Competition Ts&Cs The Gardener & Friends is a captivating new gardening television show that invites viewers to explore the world of gardening alongside the renowned green-fingered Tanya Visser, and her industry friends. Set against the backdrop of South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes, the program showcases inspirational gardens designed by some of the country’s most talented landscapers.  Each […]

The Gardener S19

Tue 21:00 | Wed 09:00 | Thu 13:00 | Fri 17:00 | Sat 12:00 & 19:00 | Sun 16:00 & 23:00

If you’re looking for inspirational gardens, practical DIYs, and solutions for your garden problems, then join Tanya Visser for a brand-new season of The Gardener. Whether you’re into annuals, looking to maintain the perfect lawn, want to show off with spectacular orchids or garden on a small scale, The Gardener has you covered. 

The Home Team S5

Mon 19:00 | Tue 22:00 | Wed 11:00 | Thu 15:00

Have you ever wondered how to renovate your bathroom, or how to plant a veggie garden? Do you love seeing DIY projects and before and after reveals? Join Leah and Anthony for Season 5 of The Home Team where they will inspire you with affordable and creative ways to make your home stylish, cozy and […]

The House JK Built

Mon 19:30 |Tue 22:30 |Wed 11:30 |Thu 15:30 |Sat 10:30 |Sun 09:00

Rugby legend, former New Zealand All Black Sir (JK) John Kirwan has conquered the world of sport, as a Rugby World Cup-winning player and as national coach of both Italy and Japan.  Now he’s come home to New Zealand to build his own slice of paradise.  A man of principal and taste, JK embarks on […]

Tommy Fix Your House For Free

Not currently on Air

Expert builder and DIY guru Tommy Walsh is joined by his sidekick, maverick builder and compulsive scavenger Liam Collins as they both take on the challenge of fixing up a house for free! Given the current credit crunch, more and more people are finding that money is tight, and so there is no better time […]

Tommy’s Fix It Yourself

Not currently on Air

Tommy Walsh is on a mission to show Britain’s homeowners how they can save thousands on their home renovations by fixing it themselves. Episode 1 Tommy leaves no stone unturned in his quest to help IT consultant Dave Gunner and his wife, Cath, transform their derelict, so-called Garden of Death for a fraction of the […]

Tommy’s Ultimate Workshop

Not currently on Air

In this light-hearted, observational series, DIY Presenter Tommy Walsh realises a lifelong dream, to design and build the Ultimate Workshop. During a frenzy of building work, Tommy and his team demolish an old garage to make way for his super workshop, and then kit it out with all the essential high-tech tools and toys. Episode […]

Top Million Dollar Agent S5

Mon 14:30 | Wed 18:30 | Thu 23:30 | Fri 10:30

Top Million Dollar Agent is an educational and entertaining reality style show based on the lives and careers of four of North America’s top real estate professionals. The show features Mike Donia, Jin Jiang, Daryl King, and Inez Kudryk. Each hosts their own episode with their clientele and the other three agents plus a guest […]


Not currently on Air

Think that in order to go green, the changes to your lifestyle must be extreme? Think again! This eye-opening half-hour reality series makes shrinking your ecological footprint appealing and virtually effortless. What’s an ecological footprint?

Weber tiling and flooring tips

Insert Series

When it comes to finishes for floors and walls, tiles and screeds are firm favourites. Having the correct knowledge and products will add to the longevity of your tiled or screeded areas. Saint-Gobain Weber brings you tiling and flooring tips that consists of : Tiling – Preparation Tiling – Installation Tiling – Grouting Screed Floors […]