Vintage Tea Pot & Tea Cup Flower Arrangements

Vintage Tea Pot & Tea Cup Flower Arrangements
by Khali Collins
SA School of Weddings


  • Teapot & Teacup and saucer
  • Moss
  • Roses, Carnations and seasonal flowers
  • Water
  • Rulers


  • Step 1: Bunch your selected flowers together making sure they are evenly balanced
  • Step 2: Loosely secure the bunch together
  • Step 3: With a ruler or tape measure, measure the depth of the teapot. This will be an indication of how long you should cut the stems of the flowers.
  • Step 4: Cut the stems the stems to the required length and place the bunch inside the teapot with water.


    • Handy tip: the use of deep water encourages the flowers to open very quickly.