Vertical Wall Planter

Vertical gardens are the answer to limited gardening space and in this project Peter and Annalien show you how to build a vertical wall planter to house potted plants.

You will need:

PCM 1800 SD Compound mitre saw Pine PAR 20mm
PSR 18 Cordless drill Backing uprights 1170 x 70mm – 4 pieces
PEX 220 sander bottom box fronts 900 x 50mm – 10 pieces
PFS 2000 Spray Gun bottom box sides 300 x 50mm – 10 pieces
Router bottom box bottom 100 x 390mm – 7 pieces
  Planter box shelves front 760 x 50mm – 12 pieces
  Planter box shelves sides 110 x 50mm – 12 pieces
  Planter box shelves bottom 150 x 50mm – 18 pieces
  Pine 50 x 75mm PAR
  Inserts cut to size 1000mm – 2 pieces
  4 x 40 mm screws
  waterproof glue
  clear varnish
  Thinners – 1 bottle

Follow these steps

  • Cut bottom box sides, front and back slats with 45 deg corners
  • Cut inserts to size
  • Join from the bottom up

Build back frame

  • Cut inserts to size
  • Attach left side front and back slats
  • Repeat for right side
  • Build planter shelf frames
  • Attach bottom slats to the underneath of shelf frames
  • Attach to the frame sides
  • Attach to planter bottom box
  • Sand
  • Stain with colour (shelves can be made with different colour)
  • Spray with clear varnish
  • Dress with plants

Take a closer look

Vertical Wall planter

Layout plans

>>> Download the layout plans