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Unhinged follows interior designer and building contractor Summer Baltzer as she and her family of designers and developers work to build their business and help people who have fallen victim to bad contractors.

The Baltzers are no strangers to the perils of the real estate industry and private building. Greg and Valerie Baltzer, Summer’s parents, lost their entire life savings after a project fell through. Rather than succumb to being another sad statistic in uncertain times, Summer Baltzer went out and got her general contractor’s license and set out to build a new foundation for her family and help other families in similar situations. In each episode, the Baltzers travel to the home of a family whose design dreams have fallen short, where they offer their expertise and turn a disaster into something beautiful. Unhinged is an entertaining and informative reality series that offers viewers a revealing look into the world of contract construction and design more.

Episode 1

All Amy and Alex Vuckovich wanted was a new kitchen floor, but their contractor bailed after demolishing the entire room. General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family team up to give Amy and Alex a colorful dream kitchen their entire family can enjoy.

Episode 2

Erik and Rachelle Van Pelt’s living room is a disaster zone after their contractor, who was also a family friend, ran off with their money and left their room half finished. Now broke and with a living room that is a danger to their young children, the Van Pelts turn to Summer and her family to give them the Mediterranean living room that they had longed for.

Episode 3

After hiring a contractor to fix water damaged walls, Ted and Kristen are left with a room full of crumbling plaster and flaking lead paint. General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family work to correct this plaster disaster and give Ted, Kristen, and their young daughter Kaitlin a safe and eclectic space to relax.

Episode 4

Tim and Leyla Johnson want to turn their garage into an office space so they may work from home, but after the contractor they hired suffered a heart attack at the onset, they are left without their much-needed workspace. General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family get Tim and Leyla back on track with a mid-century modern office/lounge.

Episode 5

Sarah Sun’s bathroom has been a disaster zone for 2 years after she fired her contractor when she felt his work was subpar. General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family smooth over this nightmare and give Sarah the Zen-inspired bathroom she deserves.

Episode 6

Adrien Mahl was left with unfinished plaster walls and a bare concrete floor. Now it’s up to General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family to give Adrien her much-deserved rest in a new Mediterranean, seaside-inspired bedroom.

Episode 7

Left with a kitchen riddled with holes, Amy and Kevin are left having to deal with a mess made worse by a rat infestation. General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family take on their biggest project yet to help give them a beautiful new kitchen.

Episode 8

General Contractor Summer Baltzer and her family transform an incomplete den into a warm and relaxing transitional family room.

Episode 9

General Contractor Summer Baltzer, and her family work to wash away the damage and give Doug and Janet a homey, multifunctional space in which to eat, play and relax.

Episode 10

General Contractor Summer Baltzer, and her family give this deserving trio a boost with a custom chef’s kitchen that’s new from top to bottom.

Episode 11

With no money left, Mark and Julie look to General contractor Summer Baltzer and her family to get them off an air mattress and into a soothing, rustic bedroom