Tyre Rocker and Tyre Shelf

Gone are the days that tyres are only meant for the road… This project repurposes an old car tyre to create a fun kids rocker and a quirky shelf unit made from a motorbike tyre.

You will need



Tyre Rocker and Tyre Shelf


PCM compound saw

1 x passenger tyre (good condition)

PST 18 JigSaw (plus blades to cut Rubber) OR Angle Grinder

1 x motorbike tyre

PSR 18 Cordless drill

Ply wood

PEX 220 sander

Chipboard/supawood backing for Mirror 500mm – 1

PFS 2000 spray

brandering supports

Pof 1400 router

3mm mirror circle 420mm – 1 piece

Palm router



blue spray paint – 1 tin


red spray paint – 1 tin


yellow spray paint – 1 can


black satin spray – 1 tin


4 x 60mm screws


wood glue


double sided tape to stick mirror


picture hanger to fasten on the back of the tyre.


Follow these steps

Tyre Rocker

  1. Cut tyre in half
  2. Measure and cut seat base to fit the tyre
  3. Cut shape in seat
  4. Cut handle upright
  5. Drill hole for handle
  6. Router all edges round
    • Varnish
  7. Assemble seat, upright and handles.
  8. Attach to the tyre
  9. Decorate tyre (optional)


  1. Cut backing board
    • Attach hanging bracket
  2. Varnish or paint backing board
  3.   Fit mirror to backing 
    • Attach backing board to tyre
  4. Measure and cut shelves to fit
  5. Spray shelves
  6. Fit into Tyre

 Download the layout plans

Tyre shelf

Tyre rocker