Tyre Bench and table

This is one of those projects that are truly innovative – using tyres that have lost their initial purpose. The project allows you to play around with colours and is a sure conversation starter!

You will need

Cordless Jigsaw Used car tyres – 3 pairs.  (NB each pair must be of the same siz
POF Router Pine 20mm (PAR) NB not warped
18 Volt Cordless drill driver 100mm x 1350mm – 7 pieces
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver Pine 50 x 50mm square x 1mtr – 5 pieces
PEX sander Eureka cup square nuts 10 x 90mm,

plus nuts and washers  – 20 pieces

PFS 2000 spray gun Eureka hex bolts 8 x 40mm – 20 pieces
socket and spanner to fasten Eureka bolts washers for 8mm hex bolts – 40 pieces
Lock nuts for 8mm hex bolts – 20 pieces
Plywood 18mm – 600 x 600mm – 2 pieces
Short table legs – 3 pieces
Sisal rope 10-14mm thick – +/- 50 mtrs
Varnish ( Clear water-based varnish)

Follow these steps

Tyre Bench

  • Drill pilot holes in the slats
  • Cut legs/side supports to size and assemble
  • Router edges
  • Varnish all the wooden pieces
  • Attach slats to the tyres
  • Attach legs to the tyres

Tyre Table

  • Cut top and bottom “rounds” out of wood
  • Router top edge
  • Sand and varnish
  • Attach top to tyre
  • Attach to bottom end.
  • Glue rope to the tyre and wind it all around until the top.
  • Attach feet

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