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Material List:

Material list

Power tools



16mm sup wood

PST 18 Cordless jig saw

350mm x 150mm – 2 pieces

PSR 18 VLI Cordless drill driver

318mm x 180mm – 2 pieces


318mm x 250mm – 1 pieces

PFS 55 Spray gun

185mm x 318mm – 1 piece

Pex 220 sander

302mm x 135mm – 1 piece

PMF multi tool with sander attachment

3 x 30mm pozi screws


Wood filler


wood glue


general purpose water based primer


water based (non toxic) to spray trug.





  1. Draw out shape (angle) for sides and cut along both sides
  2. Draw pilot holes where inside and sides join back and front
  3. Mark out, draw and cut out for inside dividers
  4. Join insides and all sides together.
  5. Cut bottom board to size and attach to the bottom.
  6. Sand and paint.