Trestle Table

Annalien needed a trestle table custom made for some kids, so Peter came up with a plan to do just that. See how they build a trestle table from scratch step by step to show you exactly how to make your own.

You will need

Tools Materials
PCM 7 Compound Mitre 18-20mm ply wood (good quality)
PST 18 JigSaw table top 1220 x 800 mm – 1 piece (use the standard width and cut it to that size – it can also be 1200 or what ever it is)
PSR 18 Cordless drill Table front skirt 100 x 1220 mm – 1 piece (same length as table top)
PSM 18 Cordless Sander Table side skirts and braces 64 x 800 mm – 5 pieces
Pex Sander Pine 20mm (PAR)
  Trestle legs 70 x 800 mm – 16 pieces
POF 1400 router Rope 10-20mm thick. 1.5 mtrs
  but hinges +/- 70mm – 4 pieces
  4 x 30mm screws
  wood glue
  dark varnish – 2 ltr
  clear varnish 1 ltr
  wood filler to match dark varnish
  wood for the trays. (we can use from the workshop material)

Round Table Steps

  1. Cut out 6 identical circles using the router first to get the outline of a circle and then cut out completely with the jigsaw.
  2. Smooth off the circles after the jigsaw with the router.
  3. Line up the bottom of the top shelf with the top of the bottom shelf and the middle shelf. Mark out and drill holes for the copper/metal pole to slide through.
  4. Join 2 circles together for the top middle and bottom shelves using glue and screws.
  5. Router edges round using a round over bit
  6. Drill circles out +/- 70 mm (Doughnuts for middle shelf to fasten) using a hole cut saw. Drill out middle hole to fit pole with spade bit
  7. Fasten doughnuts under top shelf and middle shelf (ready for attaching to poles later).
  8. Drill small hole in the side of these doughnuts for the pole to be fastened onto.
  9. Sand and paint shelves
  10. Cut poles to size depending on height of table you want and measure on each pole where you want the middle shelf to fit.
  11. Mark out and drill hole for self tapper screws on round wooden doughnuts and fit to middle shelf
  12. Fit legs to bottom shelf
  13. Glue copper poles into bottom shelf
  14. Slide middle shelf into position over the 3 poles.
  15. Screw tight with self tapping screws through dougnuts.
  16. Glue and place top shelf onto poles.

Here are the plans:

Trestle Table