Trestle Table

Annalien needed a trestle table custom made for some kids, so Peter came up with a plan to do just that. See how they build a trestle table from scratch and step by step to inspire you to make your own.

You will need

Tools  Materials
PCM 7 Compound Mitre 18-20mm ply wood (good quality)
PST 18 JigSaw table top 1220 x 800 mm – 1 piece (use the standard width and cut it to that size – it can also be 1200 or what ever it is)
PSR 18 Cordless drill Table front skirt 100 x 1220 mm – 1 piece (same length as table top)
PSM 18 Cordless Sander Table side skirts and braces 64 x 800 mm – 5 pieces
Pex Sander Pine 20mm (PAR)
  Trestle legs 70 x 800 mm – 16 pieces
POF 1400 router Rope 10-20mm thick. 1.5 mtrs
  but hinges +/- 70mm – 4 pieces
  4 x 30mm screws
  wood glue
  dark varnish – 2 ltr
  clear varnish 1 ltr
  wood filler to match dark varnish
  wood for the trays. (we can use from the workshop material)

Trestle Table Steps

  • Cut the top to the size you require
  • Mark off where skirts go underneath the top
  • Join the skirts on the front, back and sides
  • Fill holes, sand and varnish dark.
  • When dry, router out grooves on top to reveal light wood beneath.

Make trestles

  • Cut the planks of wood to size (the legs, bottom braces and the tops)
  • Join legs to the bottom slat (brace)
  • Join the top slats to the legs (top slats support the table)
  • Repeat this four times to create two trestles
  • Put on hinges between the two sides (this will join the two sides to each other)
  • Drill a hole through each brace for the rope to pass through
  • Sand and varnish with clear varnish
  • Insert rope through each hole and tie a knot on either side – (length of rope is decided by height of table


Trestle table