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On Three Veg and Meat, cookbook author Olivia Andrews shows us how to make some of her favourite Three Veg and Meat recipes. Reimagined to set help families adopt good eating habits, each episode is a feast that will help you bring fun to eating a balanced meal every time.

26 July – 01 Aug: Episode 7

Weeknight Wonders

Weeknight wonders are our saviour. It’s hard enough for me to get dinner on the table on weekends but juggling work and kids can make it nearly impossible. These recipes have saved my life and will hopefully save yours; getting nutritious and delicious food on the table without relying on take-away.

Episode 6

Lunch Boxes

When my daughter Harriet first started pre-school, so did my lunchbox duty. I can’t say I was thrilled with the thought. The task of making lunches that are healthy, exciting and delicious is no easy feat and in this episode I show a few recipes that you can batch cook and keep in rotation to lighten the load of morning time.

Episode 5


I don’t entertain as much as I like I can’t help but go all out, creating too much work for myself and reaching the point of exhaustion before the guests have even arrived. Having friends over shouldn’t be a chore and in this episode we take the burden out of entertaining with recipes your friends will love.


Episode 4


Anybody that’s tried dieting knows how easy it is to fall off the wagon. But my philosophy is to not cut it out altogether but enjoy a new moderation which includes traditionally indulgent recipes turned into something that aren’t too bad for you at all. Some new guilty pleasures, minus the guilt!


Episode 3

Summer Daze

Meals outside in the sunshine or on a balmy night scream summer to me. Making food that works well in the heat and helps us to cool down is the key to intensely hot summers in Australia. 


Episode 2

Nice and Easy

South Africa’s construction sector recovery slowed  in the first quarter. Afrimat’s index for the industry declined to 109 points, driven by seasonal effects as well as the second wave of Covid-19. Business Day TV spoke to Independent Economist, Roelof Botha for more insight.


Episode 1

Family Classics

Family is really important to me and as a working mum I really appreciate sitting down at the table and sharing a meal together. What makes my life easier are meals that the whole family will enjoy time and time again. These are my go-to family classics!


Episode 8

Quick Cool Fix

When it heats up in Australia, everyone is looking for that quick cool fix. Some of us head to the local pool or play under the sprinkler and others find salvation in the shade of a good tree. What most people don’t know is that food can also be cooling and these recipes will do just the trick to keeping you cool in summer

Episode 9

Comfort Food

Comfort food reminds me of my childhood, it’s food that always makes me feel warm and happy, but more often than not it’s 50 shades of brown. Just because we’re eating less meat and dairy, doesn’t mean the food is any less comforting. These recipes will be your new go-to, next time you want to put your feet up, get comfortable and indulge.

Episode 10

Friday Nights

Friday nights are my favourite! There’s nothing better than getting to the end of a busy week than to unwind and indulge in some Friday night fun food. With my healthy spins on some cheeky snacks, movie night will never be the same!

Episode 11

Childhood Favs

Food memories are so much more than what was on your plate at mealtimes. The best part of the day for me was when we would all sit around the table at dinnertime and eat together as a family. I’ve created these healthy recipes to give my kids the best possible rendition of what were my favourite dishes, in the hope that that’s what they’ll crave in their adult lives.

Episode 12

Fun Foods

Three Veg and Meat is all about eating vegetables and having fun doing it, and these recipes are exactly that – fun! Cooking and eating is all about sharing in some good times and creating wonderful food memories.

Episode 13


There are certain foods that have been dubbed as “Superfoods”, but when you push the marketing jargon to one side, you’ll find that many, many ingredients are in fact superfoods, like paté! In this episode I’ll make up some recipes with cooler ingredients too so don’t turn away if you’re not a fan of liver, there’s something for everyone!

Episode 14

Weekend Vibes

By the time Monday rolls around, I’ve already started daydreaming about what I’m going to cook the next weekend. I love trying out new things and taking my time, but also these recipes can also be batch-cooked so I have more time to treasure with my kids.

Episode 15

Party Food

When it comes to kids’ party food, why do we feel the need to serve up frozen party pies and sausages or the general sugary junk? It’s OK on occasion, but what about when you’ve got a classmate’s party every other weekend? In this episode I tweak some party classics that will fly off the platters in no time.

Episode 16

Any Day Of The Week

Some days it’s all a bit of a struggle to come up with something for dinner that the whole family will enjoy. For that reason, I’ve taken all the hard work out of it for you and come up with some quick and easy meals that are perfect for any day of the week.

Episode 17

Global Flavours

My favourite part of travelling is experiencing the amazing array of flavours from around the world. I love travelling and sharing the food from around the world with my kids is one of the greatest experiences for me as a mother. In this episode I’m going to take you on a trip to some of my favourite global destinations all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Episode 18

Cooler Days

When the days become longer and the weather cools down I instinctively turn towards meals that warm my soul. These winter wonders will lift your spirits and you don’t have to save them for a rainy day!

Episode 19

Old School Days

As a child of the 80’s I developed some very particular tastes growing up that I can’t help but go back to whenever I get a craving or I’m feeling nostalgic. In this episode I’ve collected some of my favourites that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

Episode 20

Slow Sundays

Sunday has to be my favourite day of the week. All the chores are done and the world slows down a little so I can spend some time doing the things I love. Sundays are also about spending quality time together and these meals will bring the whole family to the dinner table and keep them there.