The Really Big Flip

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There is no doubt that flipping houses is a tough game, where the stakes are high, relationships are tested and bank accounts are drained. Yet, the lure is powerful. All kinds of people, from all walks of life, want a piece of the action. These are sane people, who are well aware of the risks, but are convinced they can flip a house, make money and still keep friendships and marriages intact.

We will meet some of these people and test their skills, as they pull out all the stops to find, fix and flip a house on The Really Big Flip.

3 separate teams must find, fix and flip a house in a six month period. Whichever team makes the most money….gets to double its net profit up to $50,000 dollars. There will be problems, conflicts, and disagreements
along the way. We’ll see the stresses and strains that tight timelines and tight budgets can put on any renovator or relationship.

Episode 1 – On The Hunt

Three teams are competing on The Really Big Flip; a high risk house flipping competition. The teams are hunting for the perfect property, anxious to find the worst house on the best street. But what does it really take to find, fix and flip a house?

Episode 2 – Closing In

Three teams are competing hard for the most profitable flip. Surging ahead, Rob and Raquel are already lining up trades. Bob and Mick think they’ve found the winning house and Penny and Leigh are still searching for a property. But in house flips nothing’s simple and soon all three teams are struggling.

Episode 3 – Demolition Daze

The three teams dive into their house flips in their own ways. Rob and Raquel have lots to decide, but an uneven debate! Bob and Mick unleash a secret weapon and speed ahead. Meanwhile Penny and Leigh hope they’ve finally found their flip, but timing is getting very tight.

Episode 4 – Nothing Lines Up

Bob and Mick are on schedule, tackling anything and feeling great. Penny has finally joined her sister and the two start to rip things apart. In the third team a determined Raquel gets the trades going before the demo is even done, but how long can her break neck schedule last?

Episode 5 – Playing With Fire

Contractor Geoff checks up on the teams. He uncovers more problems than Rob and Raquel want to hear and questions the logic of Penny and Leigh’s demo decisions. However, Bob and Mick are in high gear on construction, nothing’s holding them back…except maybe their math skills!

Episode 6 – Teachers Pet

After a rave review from contractor Geoff, a confident Bob and Mick trade hammers for paddles. Meanwhile Rob and Raquel solve one setback only to run into others, and Penny and Lee get down and dirty as they unleash a secret weapon.

Episode 7 – Done Deals

Raquel is convinced her house can be on the market in just a couple of weeks. Bob and Mick believe they’re in the lead with their tight team and shrewd negotiating skills; while Penny and Leigh see refined design as their winning formula.

Episode 8 – Dodgy Decisions 

Despite a tight timeline, Penny can’t stop refining their design. Raquel on the other hand won’t be slowed down – will hasty decisions come back to haunt her? As for the boys, they’re counting on tile, style and custom stairs to bring in the cash.

Episode 9 – Define your design

With lots of changes and no one in charge, tensions are rising at Leigh & Penny’s flip. Mick goes on vacation, and the crew start taking design decisions into their own hands. Meanwhile Rob and Raquel are pushing to list, will their hasty finish pay off and lead to a quick sale?

Episode 10 – Flopping Flips

Penny patches things up with Brandon and focuses on her long list of “to do’s”. Bob and Mick’s team is flagging on the push for an open house. With no offers coming in, things look bleaker for Rob and Raquel. Contractor Geoff stops by to help fix this flawed flip.

Episode 11 – Final Frontier

Dreaming of the $50,000, Bob and Mick resolve not to sleep until their flip is complete. With the competition closing in, hard labour leads to potential disaster at Penny and Leigh’s. While Rob and Raquel think they’ll be the first team to complete their Really Big Flip.

Episode 12 – Home Stretch

Now that they’ve sold, Rob and Raquel wait – can the other teams catch up? Bob and Mick’s house is a huge hit at their party, but has it impressed a potential buyer. Penny and Leigh obsess with details, leaving nothing to chance.

Episode 13 – Race Results

Rob & Raquel, Bob & Mick and Leigh & Penny take a look back at the highs and lows of an exhausting six months. Finally at the end of the competition, the teams find out whose Really Big Flip was the best.