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The English are renowned for obsessing about their house prices. Above all else we consider them as investments and have forgotten that they should first and foremost be our homes. So forget everything you’ve ever learned. This is the show that will turn your existing house into the home of your dreams.

Episode 1Meet Your Naked House

Experiencing the bare shell of the house should also help our family to realise and prioritise the possessions they truly miss. What objects would they hate to lose? If they could save one thing what would they choose? Without knowing it, they will choose the items which conjure up memories to which they are most emotionally attached – the very things that help create a home.

Episode 2 – If you were a bed.

We’ll also explore the family’s taste – it’s possible to tell the type of style that most suits you from your taste in furniture. George shows our family 3 beds, mirrors, chairs etc and interprets their choices – what does it mean in terms of interior design styles? Viewers will be able to find out their own personal ‘style’ by completing our online survey.

Episode 3 – Grand Mistakes

Each week George and his experts will also be on call to help someone who has made a mistake on a very grand scale. What quintessentially constitutes Italian, Swedish, American, French, German and Spanish style and if you like what you see, how can you get the look for your home in the UK?

Episode 4 – Stars and their rooms

At a relevant jumping off point from the central makeover we’ll visit a celebrity’s house and get the inside track on one particular room of which they are very proud e.g. George is half way through the kitchen build but has he thought of everything? We’ll visit one celebrity with a reputation for having a fab kitchen. It could be a chef or an actress with a large family. They will show us why this room works so well for them and how they achieved what they wanted. Other examples could be Dita Von Tease’s bedroom – how to create a sexy space.  Gok Kwan’s dressing room – how to store and organise your clothes. Jon Snow’s study etc.

Episode 5 – Builder’s Confidential

You may already know what you want to change but like most people can’t find the builders / plumbers / electrician’s to do it. When you do finally get hold of someone chances are you’re going to get screwed on budget, schedule and the finished job.

Episode 6 – Town V Country

There’s one design tension which roughly splits the nation in two – are you a townie looking for modern, cool lines and functional space OR a country dweller who prioritises cosy interiors with original features, stamped with your own personality? Does cool equal cold? Cosy equal kitsch?  Which makes for the better home?

Episode 7 – Back In the Box

Each week we’ll be giving you the latest design news and bringing you to date with new product launches BUT we’ll also be road testing these latest products – do they really deliver the goods or is it a question of style over substance? From the latest fridges which claim to effortlessly order your weekly shopping, to the remote controlled Italian designed expresso machine – will they really make your life richer or just leave you out of pocket?  Ultimately, we deliver the verdict and if the product is deemed too much style over substance, we’ll put it back in the box and send it back to the manufacturer.