The Gardener with Tanya Visser – Season 13

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The Gardener with Tanya Visser - Season 13


So let Tanya guide you through how to look after your own!

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Episode 13

Tanya shows us how to accessorise the garden space by making a funky planting bench that would is perfect for a patio or a courtyard. Then she up cycles a doormat to create a unique garden ornament that could either be placed on the ground or hung up on wall.

Lastly- get this week’s practical tips to a great garden.

Episode 12

The end of June signals the beginning of the rose pruning season. This will encourages growth and the health of your roses. For step by step guidelines in rose pruning; visit

Episode 11

It’s almost the middle of winter and many aloes are flowering at the moment. Keep an eye out for diseases such scales that tend to be a nuisance when it comes to aloes and other succulents.

Episode 10

Even if its winter, you can still have a continuous supply of fresh herbs by planting frost sensitive herbs such as basil and rocket in containers.

Episode 9

Tanya takes us through the world air plants – such tillandsia to find out how they thrive without actually being planted in the soil. Tinus from Plantae Orchids let us in on the secret of how to grow and multiply them for the garden. Lastly, what you need to do in your garden this week.

Episode 8

We take a peak at the world of Orchids as Tanya visits specialist nursery, Plantae Orchids. She meets up with an orchid expert & grower, Tinus who share his knowledge and passion of orchids and the show us how he goes about making more of them. To round up the show; some important activities to in your garden this week.

Episode 7

Tanya explores a cacti and succulent garden where they’ve made maximum use of the qualities and beauty of these hardy plants and transformed the place into a slice Mexico. She then visits Blommestein Nursery just outside of the Brits to find out how cacti are propagated and what it takes to produce the plants that we have in our gardens. Then we catch up with this week’s practical tips to keeping you garden healthy.

Episode 6

Tanya talks perennials as she visits a colourful garden in KwaZulu-Natal that showcases the splendour and beauty of these plants as well as the qualities they possess that make them a firm favourite with gardeners, she then chats to Jenny Howells from Blackwood nursery about the propagation of perennials. Ofcourse- what to do in this garden this week.

Episode 5

This episode is all about grasses; how they can be used to give a garden a desired certain look and as well as some of the new varieties available. Tanya travels to Bristlecone nursery to meet with owner and grower Leon Scholtz who show her two ways to grow grasses and make more for the garden. Plus practical garden tips for this week

Episode 4

Tanya visits the Oranjezicht City Farm project to see how a group of individuals have brought the community together to grow veggies and herbs and transformed a once neglected part of the city into edible greens. She also takes a short trip to Shadowlands wholesale nursery to see how veggies and herbs are propagated. Tanya then shares three activities to do in the garden this week.

Episode 3

Tanya brings at the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical garden sand discovers wonderful species of proteas as well as fynbos. She then travels up the west coast to meet up with Hans Hettasch from Arnelia Farms to find out how Proteas are grown. Last but not least this week’s tips to keep your garden looking good.

Episode 2

Tanya visits a stunning Bonsai garden in KwaZulu-Natal and chats to owner, Martin about his passion and love for these miniature plants. Then we learn about Bonsai care with Lynne Theodore from the Bonsai society. To end off – what you need to do in your garden this week: Trimming the hedge, checking you plants for any pests and last but repotting your old pots with some new colourful plants.

Episode 1

Tanya visits a country garden that’s been planted up with seasonal bulbs, showcasing the versatility of these flowering plants. Then Robyn Mckenzie from Nurseriwilde shows us how to identify bulbs and then divide them to make more for our gardens. Last but not least- what you need to do in your garden this very week.