The Arrangement

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From romantic to exotic, from elegant to over-the-top, flowers, plants and gardens are an essential part of the most important events of our lives – not to mention big business with billion dollar annual sales!

The Arrangement is a one-hour competition – elimination series premiering on MTV Network’s LOGO Channel. The Arrangement showcases the amazing skills of accomplished floral designers, each with their own story and unique point-of-view. In each of the 8 episodes, the designers will compete in two challenges:

Episode 1

Ten of the most innovative floral designers from around the country come together for a fierce competition that will test their skills and teamwork. Contestants are challenged to arrange flowers around nude models and sushi.

Episode 2

The designers are inspired by the release of SAW VII: 3D and are asked to deliver a horrifically beautiful bouquet to the movie’s number one fan.

Episode 3

The designers are challenged to recycle organic produce, locally grown flowers, and recycled floral elements into stylish spectacles.

Episode 4

From fabric flowers to blossoming bonnets, the designers hit the runway with their take on horticultural haute couture. Guest stars Nick Verreos from Project Runway and fashion designer Traver Rains.

Episode 5

The designers are challenged to create unique funeral arrangements for over-the-top reality star and entrepreneur, Omarosa. Pushing up daises has never been so fabulous.

Episode 6

Emotions (and wigs) fly, the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race (Tammie Brown, Morgan McMichaels, Raven, Jujubee, Shannel) team up with the remaining designers for an outrageous floral photoshoot.

Episode 7

Things get personal for the final four as they are tasked to create living logos with the assistance of brand manager Kym Gold.

Episode 8

The final three must put the petals to the metal when they enter a grueling battle that tests their artistry, resourcefulness, and execution.