Teacup Clock and Cupcake Display

Peter and Annalien show you how to make a fun Tea Cup Clock that is literally made out of tea cups. Staying with the “tea theme” they also make a cupcake tray, plus Annalien has a few creative ideas on how to display food in a hurry.

You will need:

 Tools  Materials
GMR 1 Palm router Supa wood 9mm thick
PST 18 Jigsaw Clock backing 900 x 900 mm – 1 piece
PCM Compound Mitre Saw Cupcake tray bottom tier 300 x 300 – 1 piece
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver Cupcake tray top tier 200 x 200 – 1 piece
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Cupcake tray Middle tier 250 x 250 – 1 piece
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Cupcake tray inside support 250 x 250mm – 4 pieces 
Bosch glue gun Supa wood 3mm 150 x 150 mm – 10 pieces
Dremel 4000 plus roter attachment. Tea Cups and saucers – 4 pieces
  Spray paint 
  Grey Primer- 1 tin
  Pastel colour for clock backing
  3 different colours for cupcake tray
  black – 1 tin
  Ribbon for edging on cupcake trays or other decorations
  wood glue
  clear epoxy glue (pratley wondafix, 123 etc)
  hanger clip for the back of the clock
  Clock mechanism (we need longer arms so maybe a cheap clock that we can strip)

Follow these steps:

Tea cup clock Steps

  • Glue cups onto saucers (so that that glue can set)
  • Cut out shape of backing board
  • Sand and paint
  • Drill hole for clock mechanism
  • Cut out numbers
  • Attach hanging bracket to the back of the clock
  • Attach numbers and tea cups
  • Decorate face of clock
  • Fit clock mechanism

Cupcake holder Steps

  • Cut out shapes for trays
  • Cut out centre joint for supports
  • Glue supports
  • Paint trays and supports
  • Assemble trays and supports
  • Annalien to decorate edges of the tray

Download the plans/layout

Take a close look

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