Tarn Yarn – Plaited Oval Rug

This week on Show Me How, we take the art of crotchet to a whole new level. Janice Gutscher of Tarn Yarn SA shows us how to create different household items, such as a homely rug, using this versatile material known as Tarn Yarn.

Tarn Yarn – Plaited Oval Rug
By Janice Gutsche
Tarn SA
073 301 1512 / 042 007 0019


SC – Single crochet
Blo – Back loop only
Flo – Front loop only

  • 3 different colours of Tarn
  • 1 giant sewing needle
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 sewing needle and thread that matches the Tarn colours
  • Step 1: Cut 3 x 20m lengths of each colour of Tarn and divide them up into balls of three of each colour. This means that each plait will be made up of 3 sections of 3 colours each i.e. 9 strands.
  • Step 2: Tie a knot in the three loose ends and fasten around whatever you are going to fix your Tarn onto to make the plait. While plaiting, your Tarn will tangle. When that happens take one of the balls and weave it up in between the two other strands – back towards the plaited section – until the three working sections between the balls and braided section are separate.
  • Step 3: Continue until you have about 15m of plaited Tarn. At the end of the plait I sewed the ends together with a needle and thread. Coil the Plait on a table or floor to see if you like the size and shape of the rug. If you want your rug bigger splice on some more Tarn and continue. Once you have the desired length, cut the Tarn, and tie the loose ends.
  • Step 4: Assemble
    • Undo the first knot that holds all the strands together and sew them with a needle and thread. Working from the inside of the coil, whip stitch the plaits to each other, ending on the outside of rug.
  • HINT: It helps to cut one of the colours in shorter lengths, which makes it much easier to pull the short colour out of the “tangled” part.  When you reach the end of the short colour, splice another piece to the short end.
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