Sun Lounger Chair and Spice Tray

This week, getting ready for summer is the theme. Peter and Annalien show you how to make a sun chair in a few easy steps. To spice things up a bit, Peter makes a spice tray, perfect for any braai master and Annalien shows you how to make your own firelighters. Be inspired to do your own DIY this summer with Get It Done!

You will need:

Tools Materials
POF 1400 Router plus round over bit Pine (PAR) 30 mm thick (or closest)
PST 18 Jigsaw Spice tray 228 x 300 (or closest) – 1 piece
PCM Compound Mitre Saw Pine (PAR) 20 mm thick (or closest)
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver Spice tray bottom and top 228 x 300 (or to match spice tray)- 2 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Pine (PAR) 114 x 30 mm (or closest)
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Adirondack chair sides and legs 600 mm – 7 pieces
Primo sander Pine (PAR) 20 mm thick (or closest)
PBD 40 Drill Press Adirondack char slats (seat and back) – 600mm x 50 mm –  20 pieces
PFS 300 spray gun Adirondack chair back rest 50mm x 70mm (or closest) x 700 mm long – 2 pieces NB must be straight
  Waterproof quick dry wood glue
  Water based varnish (Annalien choose colour for Adirondack chair)
  Olive oil to treat spice tray
  4 x 30 mm screws
  Coach screws 6mm x 70mm – 10 pieces plush washers

Follow these steps:

 Sunlounger Chair

  1. The Sides
  2. Measure and cut wood to size for sides, legs and cross supports
  3. Start by assembling the legs and sides together…
  4. For the first side place the 2 side pieces of wood vertically on top of each other
  5. The front leg is then attached to the these 2 pieces using coach screws (the leg joins the 2 pieces together) 90 degrees to the front
  6. The backrest is then attached in the same way but at the back and in the opposite direction (leg facing to the bottom and backrest facing upwards.
  7. Repeat the process for the other side
  8. Attach cleats to the inside of the sides in between the front leg and backrest.(this is where your seat slats will fit onto)
  9. Joining the two sides together
  10. Join using a crossbeam at the front at the same height of the leg on each side with screws – you can router the front crossbeam to smooth off the edges before you join.
  11. Place another crossbeam at the top of the backrest
  12. You should now have a chair excluding seat and backrest slats.
  13. Router all your slats on the top side to create a smooth finish
  14. Now you can attach your slats to the cleats on either side – you can use a slat as a spacer so that they are evenly spaced for the seat and backrest
  15. Give the chair a good sand and varnish to your requirements

Spice Tray

  1. Draw out shape on thick wood
  2. Cut out shape
  3. Copy shape onto the base and top
  4. Clamp together and sand all parts the same
  5. Assemble base to the tray
  6. Drill hole for hinge
  7. Insert dowel
  8. Attach lid
  9. Oil

Get the layout plans

Take a closer look

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