Stamped Bon-Bon Box


  • Basic yellow cardstock
  • Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro Scoreboard and scoring tool
  • Stamp of your choice with stamping block
  • Black Inkpad for stamping
  • Glue or doublesided tape
  • Scizzors or craft knife
  • Quilling tool
  • Quilling paper (Red, yellow, green)
  • Toothpick, wooden skewer or quilling tool
  • Black organza ribbon
  • Paper punch
  • Black koki
  • Ruler
  • 3D (Foam) tape


Step 1: Stamping the Bon-bon box

  • With a stamp of your choice and a black inkpad, stamp images over the whole surface of the (30.5 cm X 30.5 cm) yellow cardstock.
  • Line the outer edges of the cardsock with a black koki.
  • Cut a square from the yellow cardstock about 9cm X 9cm to form the tag for quilling background.
  • Stamp the tag once and line the edge with Koki

Step 2: Scoring

  • Score all four sides of the card on the Trifold A4 line on the Crafters Companion and burnish.
  • Lining the corners up with any line on the scoreboard, score the diagonal lines from each corner up to where the centre section of the box starts.
  • Fold the box: The diagonal lines towards the inside, you will see your box take shape.

Step 3: Quilling flowers

  • Insert the red quilling paper strip (Length approx 10cm) into the slot of the quilling tool.
  • Wind the paper strip around the quilling tool to form a tight coil.
  • Slip the strip from the tool, release it to let it expand. When you are satisfied with the size, secure the end of the strip with glue.
  • Repeat the process to make 5 red ones to form the petals of your flower and 2 green ones for the leaves.
  • Make one yellow coil but keep it in a tight coil to form the centre of the flower.
  • To create the buds, repeat the process above but use a shorter paper strip about 5cm.
  • Make only one red and two green ones.
  • With a scissor, cut each in half lengthwise. You now have 2 red ones and 4 green ones.
  • Cutting will shape the coil to make the buds appear more delicate than the flower.
  • Arrange the coils for the flower between your fingers into an ‘eye’ shape.
  • Glue it onto the stamped background of the tag.

Step 4: Decorate the box

  • Attach the tag to the box with foam (3D) tape
  • Punch holes close to the edge on the diagonal folds.
  • Thread ribbon through the punched holes and tie a bow