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Time is of the essence and there is no room for slackers as Lisa pushes her team to accomplish the impossible for a homeowner in need. Tune in to STAGER INVASION to find out if Lisa’s unique approach will help these anxious homeowners sell their homes and save their livelihood.

Episode 1 – The Tunes Family

Chris and Michele Tune are about to face foreclosure on their home unless they can sell it right away. The Tune home has been on the market for three months without a single offer. When Lisa arrives, she is confronted with an unusual country-styled décor including the mural of a chicken painted on the kitchen cabinets; to make matters worse, the Tunes have also chosen bold paint colours for the living and dining room walls. There is much to be done and very little time before the next broker’s open house.

Episode 2 – The Federico Family

After Marlene’s husband passed away suddenly, the home in which they raised their three children became a house that she could not afford. With a red-and-blue-superhero-coloured room, it is up to Lisa and her army of stagers to make the Federico home more appealing to buyers. While staging the house, the team discovers a hole in the wall that could set back the whole project and prevent Lisa from finishing the job on time.

Episode 3 – The Worthen Family

Rose Worthen and her daughter, Jennifer, recently inherited Rose’s childhood home.  But with no front lawn and loads of wood panelling, the Worthen’s dwelling is outdated! Home-staging expert Lisa and her army must get this house buyer-ready in less than eight hours. As the staging day wears on, Lisa’s team is pushed to the limit. 

Episode 4 – The Brandon Family

Nicole Brandon is carrying two mortgages but before she can move into her dream home, she must sell her fairytale-themed condo. With cougars, castles and angels adorning the place, this could prove to be Lisa’s biggest challenge to date. Will Lisa need to ask the homeowners for more time?

Episode 5 – The Balaño Family

Sharon Balaño is ready for a new beginning in a new home. Since her recent divorce, she is now forced to sell her home and move on with her two young children. Lisa and her team face several challenges in eight hours, including a bright pink bedroom and a massive de-personalising job in the living and dining rooms.

Episode 6 – The Steen Family

Marean and Peter Steen recently inherited Marean’s parents’ home. It is a beautiful custom-built home with tons of potential, but it is totally frozen in time – stuck in the 1970’s with the dated furnishings chosen by Marean’s parents. Lisa and her army of home stagers struggle to bring this home out of the disco-era and show buyers that this can be a modern marvel. 

Episode 7 – The Badet Family

Four years ago, Melissa and Michael Badet packed their bags and moved in to Melissa’s childhood home to care for her ailing parents. Both parents recently passed away and left them the house. The Badets now have a reverse mortgage to repay and need to sell quickly to stay out of financial trouble. Unfortunately, Melissa’s parents’ home has not been maintained properly for years and an unforeseen setback throws a wrench into the plan.

Episode 8 – The Lizarraga Family

Bob and Barbara Lizarraga are ready for retirement. Now that three of their four children have moved out of the house, they are prepared to downsize and move into a new home where they can live financially stress-free. With a recently remodelled front living room, Lisa’s first impression of Bob and Barbara’s home is positive. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Lisa sees the back half of the house.

Episode 10 – The Grubar Family

After a recent automobile accident, Joe Gruber is now on a fixed income and is facing the possibility of foreclosure. He has lived in his home for 30 years but needs to retire into a more affordable property. From a jungle-themed room with hanging vines and stuffed monkeys to the knight in shining armour placed in the front entrance, Joe’s home is in desperate need of staging.

Episode 11 – The Skolnik Family

Monica Skolnik is a single mom whose daughter, Sarah, is ready to enter college. Due to her limited income, Monica is desperate to sell her home so she can pay for Sarah’s education. The home is designed in animal prints and floral wallpaper, from the living room to the dining and master bedroom. Although the job appears manageable, Lisa encounters a hurdle in the master bedroom that poses a major staging dilemma.

Episode 12 – The Cesar Family

Don Cesar recently inherited his stepfather’s home and now holds joint ownership with his brother. Don would like to keep the house with his fiancée, Roxy, but unfortunately he cannot afford to pay the mortgage alone nor buy out his brother’s stake. Lisa is aware of the huge challenge when she sees Don’s odd design choices, including a large taxidermy turtle named Myrtle, old wallpaper, framed needlework made by his mother and layers of Oriental rugs.

Episode 13 – The Risser Family

Now that the kids are reaching their high school years, the Risser clan has decided it is time to move back to the city so they can live closer to their grandmother. Lisa faces some unusual predicaments when staging the house. She must find a way to make the bedrooms buyer-friendly while also keeping the home livable for the large family until the house is sold.