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Stager Invasion


First impressions count. Just ask Lisa Lynch – an expert in “home staging,” a popular practice of transforming the appearance of a home to increase its appeal to prospective buyers. Lisa and her team know the secrets to getting your house sold. The challenge is that they have to do this within a USD$1,000 budget and an eight-hour timeline! Find out how Lisa’s Stager Invasion gives these tired property listings a boost, with the ultimate goal of clinching the deal for both seller and buyer. 

Lisa Lynch is one of Los Angeles’ most accredited home stagers. A former real estate agent, Lisa has combined more than 10 years’ experience and extensive knowledge of real estate with her eye for detail and flair for home “makeovers”. Through her own home-staging company, Staging Ovation, Lisa and her staging team give stale property listings a new lease on life – and make prospective buyers look twice.

Each episode of Stager Invasion follows Lisa and her massive army of stagers as they visit a house that has been on the market for months but has not managed to attract any buyers. With each property presenting its own challenges, the stagers must paint, patch, fix, redesign, and reconfigure to transform it into an attractive “buyer-friendly” prospect. With only eight hours and a budget of just USD$1,000, Lisa and her team take over the property and create an entirely new look, using the homeowners’ existing furniture.

Time is of the essence and there is no room for slackers as Lisa pushes her team to accomplish the impossible for a homeowner in need. Tune in to Stager Invasion to find out if Lisa’s unique approach will help these anxious homeowners sell their homes and save their livelihood.