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Relaxed, inspiring and as mouth-watering as ever, Nigella Lawson’s latest series, Simply Nigella, shows us that what, and how we cook, really can make us feel better and more alive.

Packed with new recipes and tips designed to make our lives easier and less stressful, Nigella proves that whatever the occasion, food, in the eating and the making, should always be pleasurable.

From energy boosting breakfasts and satisfyingly simple suppers, to fuss-free ideas for feeding a crowd and bowl food to nourish and uplift, every episode is full of irresistibly easy recipes to help create some breathing space after a busy working day, or unwind with friends and family at the weekend.

Episode 1

In this first episode, Nigella introduces us to recipes that are quick and calm.

There’s Nigella’s favourite breakfast – a twist on avocado toast with radishes;  a deliciously different Thai noodle dish with cinnamon and prawns that was inspired by a recent holiday to Thailand; and a laid back family supper of luscious lamb ribs with Nigella and cumin seeds, served with a speedy feta and avocado salad.

To help the wind down at the end of a hectic day, there’s some stove-side pottering with Nigella’s warm spiced cauliflower and chickpea salad. And a sweet treat comes in the form of a beautifully simple apricot almond cake.


Episode 2

Nigella continues to show us that what, and how we cook, really can make us feel better and more alive with the second episode in her latest series, Simply Nigella.

Today, Nigella introduces us to her favourite recipes for sharing with family and friends. Whether it’s a tray of nourishing breakfast bars for those mornings you all need to grab and go; a supper of crunchy chicken cutlets that are just as much fun in the making as in the eating; or Nigella’s latest addition to her ‘Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame’ – her stunning dark and sumptuous chocolate cake, every recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

There’s a pork bun feast too.  First inspired by a visit to a New York eatery, Nigella’s succulent belly pork burgers – with their array of condiments and picky bits – are now a favourite DIY lunch when the hoards descend.


Episode 3

Packed with new recipes and tips designed to make our busy lives easier, Simply Nigella proves that whatever the occasion, food, in the eating and the making, should always be pleasurable.

This episode is all about dishes that marry the comfort of the familiar with the freshness of the new, like Nigella’s grown-up take on a family favourite – fluffy oat pancakes with a raspberry and honey syrup.

For a fun lunch, there’s a riff on the classic Caesar salad.  A casual supper with friends sees Nigella serving a Greek inspired feast of squid and orzo pasta, complete with the Greek dessert of ‘old rag pie’ – a sweet and savoury twist on a cheesecake.

And finally, Nigella’s take on a rice bowl with ginger, radish and avocado celebrates a few but choice ingredients, making the result a dish that’s calming and uplifting to look at, as well as to eat.


Episode 4

There’s another serving of irresistibly easy dishes on offer here, as Nigella rustles up more of her favourite recipes that promise to help with the wind down at the end of a long day.

This time, the focus is on ensuring a cosy and comforting vibe.

Breakfast is a tray of cheering Chai muffins – light, luscious and dairy free. For a low key lunch, there’s Nigella’s Asian-flavoured short ribs – a perfect make-ahead, meltingly tender beef stew.

And friends are in for an informal supper with Nigella’s fish tacos. Inspired by her visits to Tacoria’s on America’s west coast, Nigella’s homemade, oven-baked version involve a bit of DIY at the table, ensuring a laid back atmosphere for guests and host alike.  They’re followed by a divine salted chocolate tart for pudding.

Episode 5

As Nigella says ‘Part of the balance of life lies in the understanding that different days require different types of eating’. So in this episode, Nigella’s shares her favourite menu to help us get that balance in the kitchen.

For the days when something light and luscious is needed, Nigella’s salad of salmon, avocado, watercress and pumpkin seeds fits perfectly.   For the occasions that call for something a bit different, there’s Nigella’s chicken schawarma with an array of spices, sauces and flatbreads. Inspired by a spit-roasted Lebanese kebab, Nigella’s oven roasted version is fun, tasty and perfect for feeding a crowd.

There has to be chocolate in the balance and Nigella shares two of her latest treats; a glossy liquorice and blackcurrant chocolate cake and her chocolate chip cookie dough pots – freshly baked pots of gooey cookie dough served with a dollop of ice cream or crème fraiche.

Episode 6

Nigella delivers her final serving of feel good food in today’s episode, sharing as she does the origins of some of her latest recipe ideas and revealing just how and why they came into being.

There’s a beautiful bowl of steamed clams with Thai basil – a recipe that was inspired by Nigella’s recent holiday to Thailand.

Then there’s Nigella’s toasty olive oil granola, which was born out of a need to have a satisfying breakfast at the ready, even on the busiest of mornings.  Hunger pangs at the other end of the day led to Nigella’s griddled halloumi with a sweet chilli sauce.

Finally, Nigella’s friends are treated to a ‘bav and pav’ feast for supper – griddled bavette steak for main course, followed by a luscious Lemon Pavlova for pud.