Side Table

Annalien and Peter build a side table with a difference, they add a printer’s tray to it with a glass covering. Annalien decorates a plant pot and Peter makes a hanging outdoor vase.

You will need:

Tools Materials
GMR 1 palm router plus 6 mm straight bit  Meranti 20mm thick (pine can work but will warp, other alternative is plywood but wouldn’t look nice)
PST 18 Jigsaw Table top – 400 x 400 mm – 1 piece
PCM Compound Mitre Saw table top insert & bottom shelf sides 40 x 280mm – 8 pieces
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver bottom shelf 245 x 245mm (NB extra 5 mm is in case meranti is not 20mm thick)
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Legs 120 x 380mm – 4 pieces
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Masonite 3mm
Cordless glue gun table top bottom 280 x 280mm – 1 piece
PTK 14 tacker Glass 4mm – edges smoothed off
PBD drill press plus 16mm flat wood bit 278 x 278 mm – 1 piece
  plywood 6mm (or nearest)
  printers tray bottom 278 x 278mm – 1 piece
  sides and slats 32mm x 278mm – 10 pieces
  16mm copper pipe
  300 mm long – 6 picees
  water based varnish (meranti looks best with clear, but indonesian teak can also work)
  4 x 40mm screws
  3.5 x 40mm screws
  meranti wood filler

Follow these steps:

Printers tray side table

  • Cut out centre shape for the top of the table
  • Cut insert sides to size to make a square to fit inside the shape cut out on the top.
  • Assemble square insert and attach the masonite bottom.
  • Attach square insert to the top NB ensure you leave space for the glass to lie flush with the top
  • Make bottom shelf to the same size as top insert.
  • Create shape for legs on paper template 
  • Draw out shape for the legs by tracing from template
  • Mark and drill recess holes for the copper pipes
  • Cut out legs
  • Router legs, shelves and top.
  • Assemble shelves, legs and copper pipes to the top.
  • Fill all holes and varnish.

Printers tray insert

  • Mark out and cut sides to fit inside the table top insert.
  • Cut bottom to size
  • Mark off where dividers will go
  • Cut/router grooves out for dividers to fit in.
  • Assemble printers tray.
  • Varnish/paint/decorate
  • Insert into table
  • Insert glass

Download the layout/plans:

Glass table with printers tray inlay

Take a close look: