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Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses sees Sarah Beeny help not-so-savvy sellers maximise the saleability of their homes by giving them a unique opportunity to snoop on the competition.

In each episode Sarah will work with one buyer and three homeowners desperate to sell. At the start of the programme, the three homeowners get the chance snoop around each other’s houses, giving them the chance to comment on each other’s tastes and then decide what they need to do in their own homes to stay ahead of the competition.

Sarah will be on hand to make sure they’ve learnt the right lessons – and offer her advice about what must change about the sellers’ properties to make sure they stand out from the others.

Each seller must then decide to either follow Sarah’s advice or go with their own instincts, and will then have one week to make any changes.

Once the makeovers are complete, it’s crunch time, as the prospective buyer chooses their favourite house and reveals whether they like it enough to put in an offer.

With a healthy dose of competition, this series will be packed full of handy tips to make your house stand out and become more saleable on a budget.

Episode 1 – St Albans International

Three competing homeowners in St Albans snoop around each other’s houses looking for inspiration on how to improve their own. Armed with what they’ve learned – and with expert advice from Sarah Beeny – they each get a week and £1000 before buyer Laura comes to view all three. Mark and Julie must realise the Swiss chalet look in their wood-panelled house isn’t to everyone’s tastes; Pravina and Nick should show off the potential of their large utility room and Andrew and Amit’s neglected garden needs to match the newly-renovated interior of their home. Which property will appeal to buyer Laura?

Episode 2 – Southwark

Today in Southwark, South London, Sarah Beeny helps three sellers in competition with each other improve their homes in the hope of making a sale. They get to snoop round each other’s houses for inspiration and then have one week and a thousand pounds to make changes before Sarah brings round buyers Charles and Sasha to view. Which house will be their favourite? Will it be Ella’s urban apartment with its neglected balconies? Jim and Vicki’s cluttered flat with a view? Or Luca’s Italian designer pad with its disappointing bathroom and tatty communal hallway?

Episode 3 – Wandsworth

Today, Sarah Beeny is helping three rival homeowners in Wandsworth, south London, to improve the saleability of their flats.  Each seller gets to snoop around their competitors’ homes in search of tips for ways to make theirs stand out from the crowd. Edd must realise his unconventional layout is sure to put buyers off. While Claire’s outdated kitchen lets her country-style apartment down. And Lucy needs to think about the first impressions her shabby front garden gives. They each have one week and £1,000 to improve their homes. Will any of them convince buyers Geoff and Gabrielle to buy?

Episode 4 – Finsbury Park

Today in Finsbury Park, North London, Sarah Beeny gives three homeowners advice on ways to improve their properties.  Buyers Stephan and Rhona will view all three, but first the sellers get the chance to snoop around their rivals’ homes before deciding how to improve their own. With just a week and £1000 to make changes, Tim must make his neglected upstairs live up to his stylish downstairs; Henry’s stark ex-rental property could do with an injection of personality; and Verity’s worn in kitchen could be putting buyers off. With changes made, will any of the properties have enough appeal tempt Stephan and Rhona?

Episode 5 – Muswell Hill

Today, Sarah Beeny is helping three homeowners in Muswell Hill, north London, to improve the saleability of their flats, by giving them the chance to look around their rivals’ properties.  Michelle must make sure her newly-renovated flat maintains the high standards throughout – and that means bringing her bedrooms up to match the rest of the flat.  Kiran must ensure he makes the most of the space in his penthouse apartment.  And Sam and Ria need to update their much-loved and well-worn family home.

They get a week and £1,000 for improvements. But will any of them tempt buyers Jo and Hugh into a sale?

Episode 6 – Tunbridge Wells

Sarah Beeny helps three Tunbridge Wells homeowners battling it out to sell, and gives them the unique chance to look around each other’s homes for inspiration.  They get ideas from Sarah on how to improve their houses, and have a week and £1,000 to make changes. Louise and Neil’s cottage may be dressed to impress, but the feminine styling could be putting buyers off. Michelle’s neutral townhouse is bland and vanilla, but does she have it in her to style it up?  And the lack of bath at Lynda and Kristina’s means they are not appealing to their target market: families. But which property will buyer Jane pick? 

Episode 7 – Maidstone

Today, Sarah Beeny gives three competing homeowners in Maidstone, Kent the opportunity to check out their rivals homes. They then get £1000 and a week to revamp their homes and make them more saleable before Sarah brings round buyers Liz and Lee to all three homes. Today’s sellers are Paul and Kerry in their colourful family home, Philip in his modern minimalist detached and Paul and Adie in their country detached. Will Paul and Kerry tone down the outlandish wallpaper? Can Philip inject some character into his home and tone down the feature walls? Will Paul and Adie win the battle of the bricks?

Episode 8 – Reading

Three competing homeowners looking to sell in Windsor are being given the unique chance to check out rival properties in the area. On hand to help is property expert Sarah Beeny, who gives them each £1,000 and a week to improve their homes before she brings round a buyer to view.  Nick and Kevin must realise their ornate and opulent style isn’t to everyone’s taste. Liz should see that her family home has been a little too loved and needs updating. And Marilyn could learn that her dining room and kitchen are not as good as they could be. But which home will appeal to buyers Jo and Jeff?

Episode 9 – Windsor

Three competing homeowners looking to sell are being given the chance to check out the competition in Reading, by looking round their rivals’ homes. Helping them along the way is property expert Sarah Beeny, who gives them each £1,000 and a week to make improvements, before bringing round a potential buyer.  Antony must warm up his modern home and make the most of his unused conservatory. Fiona must face the fact that her 70s staircase is putting family buyers off.  And Anna needs to bring her summer house and attic room back to their former glory.  But which home will buyer Satvinder prefer?

Episode 10 – Oxford

Sarah Beeny gives three competing homeowners in Oxford the opportunity to look around each other’s houses to see what they’re up against, in order to make their own places more saleable.  They get £1,000 and a week to revamp their homes before Sarah brings round a buyer. Today’s sellers are David and Alison in their period terrace, Rebecca in her simply-styled modern detached and Alison and Brian in their traditional family home. Will Alison and David have the courage to go for big changes? Will Rebecca accept that her love of magnolia could be putting buyers off? Can Brian and Alison cope with the heartache of de-cluttering? And which one will buyer Robin prefer?