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How do you fold a fitted sheet and keep your sanity? Cleaning Guru, Shannon Lush answers life’s big questions.

Each episode, she finds a household that is out of control. Using her remarkable “domestic detective” skills, she produces a psychological profile of the household’s needs and an action plan for its occupants.

A transformation show full of economical and eco-friendly advice that’s so sensible it makes you want to pick up a pencil and paper and write it down. If your home is a mess, LUSH HOUSE will be a revelation. And Shannon Lush will be declared the new, undisputed “Queen of Clean and Green”.

Episode 1 – “Humphries, Botany”

Single Dad Brad, an IT manager,  lives in a rambling, cluttered home with his 3 teenage kids and their dog Jesse.  It’s a happy family, but Brad is taking too many household responsibilities on his shoulders. The kids should all be helping out, but they’re not, and as a result the place is cluttered, dishevelled and hard to live in. 

Episode 2 – “House of Pie”

Carley is a workaholic, who lives in a two bedroom apartment above an award winning 24 hour pie shop she runs with her two sisters – the House of Pie.  She has no separation between her work and home life, and is on call night and day. She shares her kitchenette with her work mates, allows them use of her lounge room as a crash pad, and runs a chaotic work office in her apartment.  Carley is not a naturally messy person but she’s being buried under clutter and confusion.  Stretched to breaking point she’s ready to crack.  Shannon’s draws up an Action Plan that not only helps her organise the place so it’s more streamlined and practical, but also targets specific issues. 

Episode 3 – The Morris Family

Sue and Steve have 6 kids. It’s a happy, friendly household, but a messy one. You’d think with such an army of helpers there might be order, butSue and Steve have taken on far too much themselves.  As a result, their beautiful French provincial style house is in complete disarray. The lawn has been trampled to dust under too many kids’ soccer games, and the dust is then carried into the house by the kids and their dog Charlie.  Sue runs a business making jewellery from home and there are piles of beads in plastic bags, wires and tools spilling from the workbench to the floor with no order at all. 

Episode 4 – Glebe Share House

Kate, Camilla, Rachel and Julie are 20-something students sharing a rambling terrace in Sydney’ Glebe.  They love their house but know it has the sparsely furnished, unkempt look of student digs.  Shannon’s challenge is to turn their crash pad rental into a clean, comfortable home  – but do it on a student’s budget!  She teaches them tips that are appropriate for all ages, including the age-old, satisfying art of bargain hunting, and  she also inspires them to become creative scavengers, better general economisers and more self sufficient with the establishment of a vegetable garden. 

Episode 5 – “Shae, Bondi”

Design teacher Shae rents a 2 bedroom apartment in Bondi with her boyfriend Greg. Luckily for Shae. Greg is a professional chef, and they cook up a storm most nights.   The only problem is that the kitchen is small, poorly laid out and hard to clean, so most nights they leave the dishes get left till morning – or later!. Specific problems with the fridge  – such as broken seals, overcrowded food and a chronically frosty freezer which Shae describes as an igloo – don’t help, and neither does the flaking chipboard in the pantry cupboard. 

Episode 6 – “Foley Detox”

Valerie and Carrington live with their 5 year old son Billy and their dog Scruffy. Billy has high functioning autism which causes an acute sensitivity to sound.  That’s a problem, because his otherwise lovely bedroom is loud, echoey and too close to the yapping dog next door for comfort – which is why he’s taken up permanent residence in Mum and Dad’s room.   Not an ideal situation for his parents.

Episode 7 – “Cannlires, Rouse Hill”

Kelly and Ricky live with their four children.  Courtney 11, Amelia 5, Alex 3, and baby Gabriella.  The kids have left their mark all over the house by staining the walls, floors and furnishings with texta.  Young mum Kelly appreciates the budding artists in her family but wishes they’d confine their talents to paper and pencil! Crazy toddler scribble is not a design feature she embraces and after attempting to remove it unsuccessfully with turps/spray and wipe etc, she’s keen to see if Shannon can help.

Episode 8 – Connell family, Lilyfield

Lindsay’s a recently separated mother with 4 gorgeous kids: 3 boys and a girl aged between 3 and 11.  She has her hands full, and her recent break up has emotionally stressed her,  but she faces her mad-house with energy and good humour.  This is a woman who knows the secret to a successfully run household is efficient organization but who can’t implement that organization – which is why she needs Shannon’s help so urgently.   Lindsay  has a plan to get a cleaning roster up and running – but seems unsure how to make that a reality. A super-organiser like Shannon has the answer, and she can even get a three year old to clean the bath!

Episode 9 – The Beattie Family

3 generations of the Beattie Family live together under one roof  There’s Christine and her kids Jack and Annabel who live downstairs, while grandparents Nancy and Allan stay upstairs.  They also share their space with a menagerie of animals including 2 dogs and Ulysses the cat.  Pet hair is a big problem because Allan is an asthmatic and while they try to restrict their pets to the lower floor of the house, Ulysses often insists on going upstairs for a visit.  This, along with other dust and dirt issues, presents fresh challenges for Shannon. 

Episode 10 – Andrew and Janine

Lawyer Janine and set designer Andrew, live with their 2 young kids Lincoln and Hendrix and their free roaming parrot, They both work from home, sharing the same office area…but it’s not just their work space in a state. The whole house is cluttered and chaotic with overflowing tabletops, unsorted files, old papers, piles of work and household apparel competing for limited space with kids toys and clothing.  Yoshi is also one messy bird!   5 year old daughter Hendrix lives in a dank, airless room – where her one window is blocked by furniture…little wonder there’s a continuing mould issue in here.  The master bedroom is also dark and over-filled with imposing furniture that’s in the wrong place, so it feels unpleasantly cramped.