Extreme Clutter

Behind closed doors, thousands of Americans are hiding their out-of-control clutter from their family and friends. They are living in denial, desperate for change, and too overwhelmed to seek help.

Organizational expert Peter Walsh continues his mission of helping families whose lives are dramatically affected by the overwhelming presence of clutter. He encounters the biggest, most extreme problems and forces these families to face the truth about the damaging effects of possessing too much stuff.

Using his step-by-step process, Peter guides families through the emotional journey of overcoming attachment to their stuff. He pinpoints the root of the clutter problem, restores structure, and provides them with practical tools needed to live a clutter-free and more fulfilling life.

Episode 1

Laurie and Tim Kelly are tired of living in clutter.  Laurie’s compulsive consumption is leading to the overwhelming quantity of stuff in their home and she can’t seem to let go of any of it. 

As the level of clutter continues to grow, so does the tension between Laurie and Tim, to the point where it is now threatening to destroy their relationship.

The clutter is also affecting their three young children who can’t have friends over to play and have never celebrated a birthday party in their own home.  Peter Walsh steps in to help this family get rid of the clutter and rebuild their relationships. 

Episode 2

Jenni Harvey is buried under a mountain of clutter.  After inheriting her grandfather’s house four years ago, she moved in and found herself unable to let go of any of his belongings. 

Dresser drawers are filled with old newspapers.  The bedroom is stacked to the ceiling with painful memories.  She sleeps in the living room surrounded by massive piles of personal items, isolating herself inside her home and alienating friends and family. 

When Peter Walsh intervenes, Jenni must choose between the safety of her dysfunctional surroundings or the frightening, yet ultimately rewarding reclaiming of her life and well-being.  

Episode 3

Barbara Winkler is a loving mother, wife and grandmother. Five years ago, she started working with Quilts of Valor, a charity that makes quilts for veterans who have been touched by war.  Since then, quilts have consumed her life and completely overrun the house. Barbara’s daughter Carolyn wishes she could bring her children over to visit their grandmother but the dangers posed by the clutter are too high.

Barbara’s husband Don laments the fact that the family hasn’t been together in years. Peter steps in to help Barbara find a place to store all of her quilting materials and completely de-clutter the living room so that she can finally get her life and her family back.

Episode 4  

Paula and Joel Rogozenski and their daughters have lived buried in clutter for over a decade.  The clutter began when Joel was diagnosed with Leukemia and Paula became overwhelmed with helping him battle his disease. It’s now now overtaken the family’s home and it’s getting in the way of Joel being able to enjoy the time he has left with his family. Paula clings to items from her daughters’ childhoods and doesn’t know how to ask for help. 

The girls Laura and Felicia don’t care about the stuff and have put up a barrier between themselves and their parents. 

Peter steps in to help this family get their house in order and finally deal with the physical and emotional clutter they’ve been avoiding for years.

Episode 5

Alex van Praag is the mother of a 15-month-old toddler, Luca. But with tackling childcare, a full time job and an exploding clutter problem, her house has now become unsafe for her child. Alex saves magazines, CD’s and other artifacts from her life so she can someday share her “Museum of Mommy” with her son. But now, the overwhelming amount of clutter is threatening his safety and well-being.

Peter Walsh steps in to help Alex get a handle on the clutter in her home and to help her prioritize the safety of her son over the quantity of the stuff in order to create a safe environment for baby Luca.

Episode 6

Teresa and Oscar Estrada have been married for 20 years but they’re slowly being consumed by the clutter in their lives. Teresa can’t control her impulse to bargain shop and her mountain of “bargains” has now overtaken the house to such an extent that her husband Oscar is at his wits’ end. Even his side of the bed has been overtaken by clutter and he now sleeps in the guest bedroom. Either the clutter goes, or the marriage ends.

Peter Walsh steps in to help Oscar and Teresa get rid of the clutter forever and reprioritize their marriage over their stuff.

Episode 7

 For more than two decades, Kathy Johnson has accumulated a massive amount of clutter in their family home. The clutter grew to disastrous proportions after Kathy’s children moved away to college. Her daughter, Kristina, is now at her breaking point after years of attempts to help her mother get rid of the clutter have failed. The clutter has led to damaged relationships with her children and Kathy has slowly isolated herself from her family. 

Kristina now refuses to bring her one-year-old daughter to grandma and grandpa’s house until the clutter is removed, once and for all.

Episode 8

Cameron and Jessica Izuno have lived in extreme clutter for over 5 years.  With the birth of their first son 5 years ago, Cameron and Jessica found themselves overwhelmed by their responsibilities as professionals and as parents, and the clutter quickly spiraled out of control.  Now the parents to two young sons (5yrs and 2yrs), Cameron and Jessica realize that their home is not only subjected to massive and staggering clutter, it is a danger zone for their children.  

When Peter shows up to help the young couple take control of the clutter and create a safe environment for the family, he is met with resistance from Jessica, who proves to be the most quarrelsome homeowner he has ever experienced.

Episode 9

Addicted To Shopping

Stacy is a shopaholic, and she’s dragging her husband, Michael, and their two kids into a dangerous cycle of clutter and debt.

Episode 10

Double Intervention

It’s a double intervention as Peter Walsh steps in to help Peggy and her daughter, Demee, dig out from a massive amount of clutter and family tragedy.

Episode 11

A Declutter Team Invasion

It’s a race against the clock as Donna and her daughter, Kaili, rush to organize her massively cluttered house in time for Kaili’s new family to move in.

Episode 12

Beyond addiction

Mackenzie Phillips’ clutter is deeply rooted in years of addiction, a difficult relationship with her father and estrangement from her sisters. Unless she deals head on with the things that cause her pain, she may never move beyond her cluttered past

Episode 13

Buried In Denial

Kym is in denial about her clutter problem. She will not let anyone into her home so her friends call in Peter Walsh for an intervention. Kym will prove to be one of Peter’s most extreme challenges yet.

Episode 14

My Secret Clutter

From the outside, Leeann is a supermom that appears capable of handling just about anything. But she is hiding a secret clutter problem where no one would imagine…in an airplane hangar!