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The new season of Artland allows art lovers to experience the best of 50 cities, in 12 one-hour episodes. Destinations include major hubs like Miami, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Denver, San Francisco, Atlanta, Portland and Seattle and remote outposts like the Utah desert home of Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, the South Dakota Hills that house the still-in-progress Crazy Horse Memorial and the tiny Texas town called “Art.” Along the way, the hosts interviewed noted collectors, curators, academics and locals in each destination.

Hosted by New Yorker Mame McCutchin and Londoner Toby Amies.

Episode 1 – Artland: Key West to Atlanta

Artland Season 2 begins with the RV spinning across bridges & causeways to Miami. We tour 2 of Florida’s exemplary private art collections, the Margoles & the Shacks, before visiting Pop artist & icon, James Rosenquist.

Episode 2 – Artland: Atlanta to Houston

We discover an artistic haven, meet the quilting women of Gee’s Bend, drive to “the Mad Potter of Biloxi” & roll into New Orleans  to see why Degas wanted to stay before a Louisiana send-off find to the shadow figures tagging Houston with wool.

Episode 3 – Artland: Houston to Dallas Fort-Worth

The third leg of our journey, and the show is all about Texas Texas Texas!

Episode 4 – Artland: Dallas to Denver

Our 4th week on the road is a huge journey. We gaze at Mount Rushmore, sure, but Oh the wilder features! Including “The World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things” Don’t ask, just watch.

Episode 5 – Artland: Denver to Napa Valley

We keep trucking! Meet the man who moved 1,000 tons of rock, pause to see Project 337, brake for 2 of USA’s most venerated sculptures & reach Napa Valley & tour the Hess Collection, before seeing the only Hundetwasser building in the United States. Whew!

Episode 6 – Artland: San Francisco, California

We just couldn’t leave the city. This week features some of the most diverse buildings in the US. We also visit 2 famous structures in the Bay area, the Cartoon Museum & the largest collection of Rodin bronzes outside Paris. Oh & Toby gets a tattoo.

Episode 7 – Artland: San Francisco to Vancouver

On the road again, north to Seattle & the Canadian border. We’re taking a look at buildings by 2 leading architectural figures: Portland’s Federal Court Building by Morphosis & Rem Koolhaas’s acclaimed Seattle Public Library. The art gets serious too!

Episode 8 – Artland: Vancouver to Anchorage

Week 8 is diverse as the vistas along the 3,000 miles from Vancouver to Alaska: a myriad of artists, Alaska’s “Ideal House”, & the world’s most under-rated structure, the Quonset Hut. All we need worry about now is returning the RV to Miami.

Episode 9 – Artland: Artists of Season 2

We take a look back at some of the amazing artists we have met along the way including; James Rosenquist, Jerry Simpson, Jim Denevan, Stan Herd, Maude Shuyler Clay, Gees bend Quilters, Charles Peterson, Photographer, Angela Grossman, just to name a few!

Episode 10 – Artland: Architecture of Season 2

Let’s go back to some of the awesome architecture from our long journey including: The Bloch Building, Price Tower, Wayne Lyman Morse US Courtroom, The Salt Lake City Public Library, The Modern, & The De Young Museum.

Episode 11 – Artland: Collections of Season 2

Toby & Mame show off some of their favorite finds from their adventure across the America: The Margolis Private Collection, Project 337, Cantor centre for the Arts, Amon Carter Museum, Rothko Chapel, Sun Tunnels, Velveteria and more!

Episode 12 – Artland: Only in America!

In their cross-country drive, Toby and Mame have seen things that can only be found in America. This week we revisit all the road-side attractions and oddball wonders that define Americana.